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    Sunday, July 28, 2013

    Swinging Sydney - Winter Vacation

    Sydney July 2013 
    All dressed and ready early...
    I felt like my mothers Old Neightbour Mrs Haseman...when she was going out at midday. She started getting ready at about 7am . 
    Sitting ready dressed up just like Jackie waiting 
    Not quite like that of course, in our case...but those memories stick and I really don't want to be one of those old ladies! 
    Helen picked us and of course there were road works and lots of stoppages. Joys of city living I guess 
    Anyway into Koru check in...Brand new passports all flash and electronic BUT
    Mine was declined. 
    Silly me when I booked I pushed the wrong button for title, 
    so Mr Gillian was booked on the flight, 
    Mrs Gillian did not compute.
    So back to old fashioned ways.
    The person had to do it 
    Got through the customs ok... though so all sweet  
    Off to Koru lounge, nice little tasty treats and of course champagne 
    Small one for dale and 2 large ones for me 
    Plane delayed but hey when you are in the lounge, 
    who cares...Unremarkable flight. 
    Nice staff, the steward obviously recognized us for people, who would like more than 1 wine and slipped a couple of extra bottles into the pocket.
    Vey civilized of course  
    I have a complaint though
    Whosoever picks the movies and TV programmes, should be shot. 
    Really struggled to find something to watch and there was a large choice but of nothing much!.
    Ended up with Jonathan Creek and then some Aussie programme, bit like the Grumpy Old Men Series. 
    Amusing but (shrug the shoulders, comma, keep the voice raised!)
    I'm not really that fussy, so for the discerning viewer I imagine could be quite boring. 
    My new passport didn't work well at customs. 
    Had to go and be stamped in the old way 
    (Note to self... Be aware on return journey)  
    The Rubin Hilton sent an excellent chauffeur and the welcoming committee, had perfect drinks and dinner ready for us. 

    What an excellent start to our vacation
    Sunny day dawned. Shiny Sydney 
    Had lunch at new Cafe up the road. 
    Blooms. All very Tasty, Trendy  and Ultra Healthy, probably will do well in Mosman
    On Friday, we met up with Erin and Milton for dinner at Il Perugeno
    One of Yvonne and and Stuart's  Favourite haunts
    Of course we had to take the obligatory shots before we depart

    and lets not forget the delicious food
    Pork Chop for me
     Fresh Crisp Salad for the Table
     Stuart always loves the whole steamed fish
     Erin and Yvonne both went for the Osso Bucho
    Fantastic Food
    Great restaurant in Mosman Village
    Worth a trip.
    Then the obligatory Photo at the end of the night
    It's so so good to spend time with Old Friends
    We found a Tame Tourist, who took the shot for us.
    For those that are interested, there was of course major Rugby in the weekend. 
    The results did excite the boys. Final to be played in New Zealand Big Night next Saturday
     Dale forced to relax in the sun
    After a satisfactory visit to the Movie theatre on Sunday afternoon
    Michael Douglas was fabulous, in every sense of the word... in Behind the Candelabra
    His portrayal of Liberace. Excellent. Matt Damon as well
    Home to a superb Salad, with Meatloaf, inspired by Ottolenghi and prepared by Ms Yvonne, with her extra touches
    Great way to end the weekend

     And who can forget our constant companion Paz. Cute as a button
    Roll on the rest of the week.