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    Tuesday, April 30, 2013

    Taking On Jamie Dish 2 - Swedish Meatballs

    Taking on Jamie - Dish 2
    Swedish Meatballs with Rice and Swede
    For 4 people

    This dish really appealed to me.
    I had to make a couple of changes to his recipe

    The original had celeriac
    Not really in season here and it's expensive
    I am trying to be frugal don't you know
    So I thought how about Swede (rutabaga for people from the States)
    I love it. It is so underrated. When cooked properly it is sweet and wonderful.
    Swedes to go with Swedish Meatballs

    Also I couldn't get any fresh dill
    So I used a tube of dill
    Got all the right flavour
    Jamie used Cranberry Jelly
    I used some Guava Jelly made by my friend Mary
    You could Red Currant Jelly I reckon
    Pretty good

    This was delicious...I have to say his recipes are excellent
    Even if you are just making them, not trying to prove a point like me
    Creamy Sweet tasty sauce over little meatballs
    All served over Rice, Sweet Swede and Spinach


    Of course it took longer than 15 minutes cooking time

    Once again it took me about 5 minutes to set up,mis en place
    I think I should call this something else. I haven’t prepared any of the food I have just got everything together
    So ipad and stop watch at the ready
    i.e. Pans on the stove
    All packets open ready to go
    All utensils at the ready and a jug full of boiling water
    So here ya go

    200gms each of beef and pork mince
    Good squirt of dill from tube or 2 tbs chopped fresh dill

    1 tbs olive oil
    Couple of sprigs of thyme
    Rice and Swede
    1 large swede
    1 pkt baby spinach
    1 large cup Basmati rice
    2 cups boiling water

    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    For the Sauce
    1 tablespoon  caraway seeds
    Slug of vodka
    1 tablespoon  guava jelly
    4 tablespoon  cream

    To serve 
    60 gms, approx, Sour Cream
    Mixed with 1 tablespoon  Dill from tube

    To start
    Have pots on medium heat
    Peel the swede and cut into small cubes

    Add olive oil to large pan
    Season  $ & P and sprigs of thyme

    Add swede to pan
    Pour over just enough boiling water to cover the bottom of the pan
    Cover and cook till tender
    Add spinach
    Cover just to wilt spinach

    In the pot you are going to use for rice
    Add rice direct to hot pot
    Add boiling water straight away
    Season with salt
    It will boil immediately
    Cover and turn down so it just bubbles away

    Meanwhile have another pan over medium heat
    Add 1 tablespoon  olive oil
    Season mince with S&P
    Add dill from tube or chopped dill
    Mix well with hands

    Divide into 4 pieces
    Break each quarter into 5 pieces
    Use wet hands
    Roll into balls
    Throw into pan as you make them
    to get them underway immediately
    Add caraway seeds

    Toss and cook till golden all over

    By now rice and swede should be cooked
    Mix together 
    Add vodka to meatballs
    Let bubble till vodka burns off
    Add jelly
    Toss to mix
    Add cream
    Bubble away for about a minute
    Put rice and vege Into serving dish
    Pour meatballs and sauce over
    Plonk a nice dob of sour cream mixed with dill over the top

    Ready to go
    In 18 minutes 52 secs
    Plus assembly time say around 5 minutes
    Not too bad, getting better
     Here's Jamie's version
    Have frozen half of it for future dinner

    New One tomorrow  

    Taking On Jamie - Dish 1 - Mushroom Fafalle

    So I thought my winter blog project this year would be is to take Jamie on with his 15 minute meals.
    My friend JT tried with her friends Rose and Frank and they reckoned took 30 minutes. 
    My daughter in law Helen has given some of the recipes a go and mmmm she put out a challenge. Can anybody do this?
    I can do this... I thought.
    I have both series on my ipad
    So the plan was to get mis en place and then cook along with the video 
    I bought the stopwatch app for my phone
    and off I started
    By the way it was delicious. We both loved it

    So for the first one I made Mushroom Fafalle

    I got my mis en place, by the way this was getting together all of he ingredients not any actual cooking or chopping.
    BUT I don't have a garlic crusher, as I don't like them and I did peel the garlic, Chopping it took quite a bit of time
    Getting all the stuff together took about 7-8 minutes
    So I didn't count that I only timed the actual cooking
    He does that
    Jamie doesn't really give you quantities so I guessed

    That's not too hard though
    I made a couple of changes to the recipe. 
    I don't want this to be an expensive challenge
    So if I haven't got an ingredient at the time I would substitute
    I didn't have any baby spinach. 
    So I cut some cabbage into small triangles and blanched it in salted water and drained it.
    Set aside to cool 
    He used the spinach straight frpm the bag so he had a heads up on that.
    Didn't feel that was cheating

    It was delicious, so sweet... also Jamie had hazel nuts, I substituted cashews
    I am going to make this salad again. It is delicious. 
    Blanching the cabbage, as Marco says, is 'Genius'

    I had to pause a couple of times as didn't have everything ready 
    Like I forgot to sort the mortar and pestle
    and I hadn't got the food processor ready
    Funnily enough, I thought I had everything
    Must be more diligent next time

    So I set up the iPad and my timer

    Here are the ingredients 
    This made enough for 4 people, I froze the leftovers for a dinner in the future

    Good slurp Olive oil 
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    250 gms Mushrooms
    25 gms Dried mushrooms
    Boiling water
    3 cloves garlic peeled and finely chopped
    Salt and pepper
    Thyme leaves
    1 tsp Chili flakes
    About 100 gms Sour cream
    Zest of 1 Lemon
    Handful of chopped parsley

    Fafalle Pasta 100 gms per person

    Salad for 2 people cant keep that
    Blanched cabbage
    1/2 Grated apple
    50 gms Blue cheese
    French Dressing

    You need all you pans on the stove over med heat and a jug of boiling water to hasten things up
    First cover the dried mushrooms in boiling water to soften and get a stock
    Place pasta into well salted boiling water 
    Cook about 8-9 minutes

    Add olive oil to a frying pan to start off.
    Add mushrooms
    Just break them up no need to finely chop
    It's a rustic dish
    Add garlic, S & P and chili flakes and thyme leaves
    Toss around and cook about 2 minutes

    Meanwhile add nuts to a small pan just to toast lightly to get the maximum flavour
    Add soaked dried mushrooms and their stock to the pan
    Cook them down

    Start to prepare the salad
    Take nuts out of pan and crush them not too small in a mortar and pestle
    Put your greens (in my case blanched cabbage)
    onto a platter
    Grate apple over the top
    Put little knobs of blue cheese on top and
    sprinkle with crushed nuts
    Set aside

    Back to mushrooms
    Place in food processor and give them a whiz till reasonably smooth
    Back into pan
    Thin down with a little of the pasta water
    keep a bit more of the pasta water if needed, to thin down the sauce

    Pasta should be ready
    Drain and add to pan

    Add sour cream
    Toss to mix

    Zest lemon
    Chop parsley
    Mix together
    Put 1/2 of this into the pasta
    Toss well

    Pile onto platter
    Garnish with remainder of parsley and lemon

    Pour some french dressing over salad
    Below Jamie's version


    So I paused a couple of times. as I said, I'd forgotten to set out some bits and pieces
    So I think it took me about 20 minutes plus the mis en  place
    5-6 minutes

    So this was an easy dish 
    Couldn't do it in 15 minutes though
    Keen to see whatt happens next time

    Sunday, April 28, 2013

    Left Overs - Waste Not, Want Not, Tasty Snacks

    I hate throwing food away. When I clean out the fridge, if I have to load lots of stuff in the Waste Machine I feel I haven't been doing my job.
    Make soup  is one way of using up stray vege.
    One of the best and tastiest thing to do with  left over bread is these cheese mousetraps

    You could get something easier and they keep well in an airtight container.
    Not that they last too long

    Lay the bread out on the bread board

    Smear with Vegemite and Marmite
    Grate some hard cheddar on a fine grater over the top
    Cut into fingers

    Place in 140C oven, till they dry out
    Don't try and cook them too quickly

    Should take about 20-30 minutes

    Great to have with drinks, kids love them, Dunk them in your bowl of soup

    Just have them when you are feeling a bit peckish
    And there's More!!! I'm sure!

    Saturday, April 27, 2013

    Thanks For The Memories -Once Party People - Always Party People - Reunion at The Windsor Castle 2013

    My Husband Dale (pictured above with his beautiful Grandchildren, they had made a lovely book for him and had just presented it)... recently had his 69th Birthday and he really wanted to catch up with old friends.
    We did a road trip earlier this year and had such a good time staying with dear friends. 
    Lots of laughs and great memories
    Over the years we have organized some great parties, our friends all love to drink, dance, laugh, drink, sing, drink and have great fun.

    They book their airfares, get in their cars and make their way to Auckland, to join in the various festivities.
    It really is so wonderful to see them all.

    The biggest problem of getting old, is that People start to die
    Recently there have been  a spate of funerals, well not really a spate... but more than enough.
    It seems, you are catching up with people at funerals.
    These are good times, but for the wrong reasons and of the course, the dead person is not there to join in

    So we decided to hold a reunion of people who have been in our lives, 
    since we have been together  from 1963.
    Some of these friends were around even earlier. Long wonderful friendships
    Unfortunately not everyone could join us but there was still a great turnout, over 100 people.

    Thanks to Bruno and Dylan at the Windsor, both who came in on their Days off to help this Bash to be the success it was.
    Love the Windsor, of course I’m a bit biased, but it’s a great place to hold a function.
    We have had 4 majors there, in the last 4 years, let alone the lunches we have.
    We are not such good lunchers these days. Those days of lunch running into dinner and almost to breakfast have gone. We only make lunch now, finishing around 5ish
    Quiz night is brilliant and of course watching Dan, Grunter and the CVE play at their regular Thursday Gigs.

    I want to thank the guys for supplying music
    Here's Craig, Dan and Grunter at a previous Wrightson Party 

    Here they are now, ably joined by Mr Wayne Gillies

    and I’m
     Pleased to say Mr Tony Andrew doing his version of California Dreaming.
    Then RCYC 1992                                                        Now

     We missed Our friend Graham Heinz, his version of “My Satin Doll over the years, has always been a showstopper. here he is at another Royal Cajun Yacht Club aka RCYC function, way back

    Mary and Heinzie have always been a big part of our lives and parties,  even if sometimes the boys need a wee rest. Lots of travel has been taken with them over the years. They couldn't be with us but were there in spirit I'm sure

    So onto Saturday, here's a Montage of shots taken by various people and thank God for that... some of my shots from my phone, I'll call artistic, other might say Blurry.
    Oh well. It was just lovely to see so many Happy Shiny People.
    And the 6 Degrees of Separation continues

    Thank you for joining meant a lot

     Tim, Gaye, Glenys and Neil
    Tom worked at Unilever with me, he moved to the UK around the same time as we did.
    On our trip to UK on the Northern Star. We met Glenys, spent time with her on the voyage
    Lost touch but then after we had settled in, Tim invited us to lunch at his flat in East Sheen.
    There was Glen, a wonderful surprise. We had great times. Neil, her then boyfriend in NZ, joined her in the UK. We all became friends and so it goes on

    Glen found this shot of Dale and I and herself 1968, Just before we returned home

    Sharon, Jeannie and Deb.
    All friends from our Wellington Days
     Two Davids on the left lurking in the background
    Juliet and Jane
    We have known these girls since they were little in fact, before they were born. Family Christmases together
    One of the family Christmases, at our house about 1978 I think
     Below: Juliet with Dan around 1972

    Phil, Summer, David. Wolfie and Debbie
    Phil and David worked with Dale at Campaign.
    Great times, in the 80's

    When we first moved to Auckland, Debbie was a neighbour of Phil's in Devonport.
    We met then. Over many late nights of drinking and staying up late, we became firm friends.
    Summer is her daughter with her lovely little man Wolfie.

     Carole, Pat and Tony.
    Tony and Carole have been together for over 25 years. Pat is an associate from Dale's advertising days, then we all worked together in our Murray Ball days
    Jan and Anne
    I met Anne when she joined Unilever in 1962. Turns out she is related to Sharon.
    So the 6 Degrees  carries on.
    Jan married Gerry in late 60's
    We were all teenagers together, still have the connection, part of The Arab Tribe

     A Unilever Ball, circa 1964. Dale, Moi, Lorraine. Anne and Graeme. Never ever saw Lorraine or Graeme after we left but still in contact with Anne. 50 years of friendship
    Lana with Jan and Her partner David, caught in the lights so it seems at Dales 65th

    Sharon, George and Marty
    We all went to HVHS, have been friends ever since. Marty worked with Dale at Inglis Wright.
    We were a "teenage gang" so to speak. Have never lost touch. More Arabs

    Dale with Jane.
    Jane is a friend of Katie's but we first met her through her uncle Robin Sommerville, a partner of Dale's in Campaign
    Dale, sandwiched between 2 Roses
    Catherine and Sharon
    Catherine, originally a client of Campaign, of course became a friend. Moved to Auckland a bit before us. We ended up sharing premises for many fabulous years, lots of laughs.
    Sharon is the friend I have known the longest, we met at Sunday School when we were about 4. Ended up in he same class at HVHS... friends ever since
    Rock Chick Karen. Family and friend
    Partnered to Craig, Dale's brother for many years
    She suits that guitar

    Debbie and Andy
    Andy worked in the Recording industry with people we knew. He met Debbie, Sheryl, Larry and Michael in Wellington, all moved, Andy to Sydney, the others to Auckland and we connected then. Early 80's
     Andy Michael and Dale, sipping Cocktails
    The day after Sheryl and Michael's wedding New Years Day

     Old friends since little girls, Abby, Katie and Summer.
    We caught up with Debbie and Summer in Kaikoura when we were touring the South Island

    It's been 50 years of friendship
    Gerry and Dale. It was through my friendship with Gerry that I met Dale, he joined Gerry's band, The Corvairs in 1963
     The Corvairs in action. Another connection, the bass player George is John McCready's cousin and his father George worked at Unilever in one of the department's I did work for.
    Also John's Mother worked there as well
    One of their Publicity shots. From Left
    Dave, Andy Anderson, Gerry, Dale and George
    Very trendy
    My Cousin Darran with his partner Shaun
    We first Darran when he was a little boy in Wales.
    My cousins Pam and Edgar's first born. They moved to NZ in the late 70's. Great to have family with us
     Darran's Dad Edgar dancing with Catherine at Dan and Helen's wedding 20 years ago
    Playmates, Work Mates and Band Mates from our Wellington Young Days. Tony and Gerry
    Gerry went to the same school as me. HVHS... it was through him that I met Dale when Dale joined his band The Corvairs. Tony worked at Inglis Wright with Dale, once again. drinking and playmates. More Arabs.
    Daniel our son, Darran and Shaun 
    Chris, Anna and Phil, one of our visitors from Sydney. Anna and Phil part of the Campaign Group of the 80's. Good times
    Chris and Anna also family friends. Holidays, Christmases.

     Left: Barrie, Stu and Trish.
    Met Trish briefly in Wellington in the early 60's. through our friends Terry and Barbara, Terry worked with Dale at Inglis Wright...
    then again through our friend Debbie, by then she was living in Auckland and living with Barrie.
    Barrie became a client of Dale's in the 80's though Radio. 89FM
     More importantly, their daughter Cara, (the one in the middle) one of Katie's dearest friends was responsible for Katie meeting her husband Chris.
    When she and Pieta returned from Queenstown she had in tow a boyfriend,,. called Karl I think he was a friend of Chris. Sheryl, Pieta's Mum, held a party for Pieta's return and Karl brought Chris along. The rest if history. Cara and her partner Duncan traveled with Katie and Chris to Pieta's wedding. to Duncan, in Spain last year. These girls are continuing our tradition. 
    Keeping the contact up

    Pieta and Duncan here in NZ Christmas 2011
    All together in Matakana
    Unfortunately Terry, Barbara, Tony and Annie part of the original friends from the 60's and the guys part of the original Campaign team couldn't make it. Luckily the guys were photographed by Sal Crisillo at the last Reunion Lunch so at least they can be represented in spirit
    From Left: Craig, Pete, Terry, Tony, Phil and Dale. What a team.

     Where would the boys have been without the wives.
    Glen, Barbara and Annie. Glen couldn't' make it as well. She and her current husband Mark were present at the last lunch.
    Below: Christies, Burts, Louise and Craig taken in 1967

    These Three spent many hours working with Dale in Studios, over our working years... Bruce, Dave and Glynn

    Anne married to Dave and Carole.
    Carole worked with her husband Glyn at Mandrill. We were a client of theirs. Always a pleasure dealing with Carole.
    Ms Jeannie and Stu, who was a visitor from Sydney! Jeannie I met in the 60's...teenage friends and still together.
    Stu we met a little later. Client of Dales in the 70's. His company moved to Auckland and so did we.
    Many years of working together. Unfortunately his lovely wife Yvonne couldn't make it.
    We missed her.
    He joined us in late 80's. when we were working for Murray Ball. That was fun

    Yvonne also worked with us on The Murray Ball projects they were our Australian representatives
    Yvonne and Stu kindly put up with us for 5 weeks in 2006, whilst they were living in New York. That was a great time. here she is with our daughter in law Helen at Dale's 65th our v ery first party at The Pub.
    Somehow I didn't get one shot of her this day but I'm sure she will like this one. It's a keeper

    John and Hiria, Met John in early 80's when he was a gun motor racer. Dale and he found music in common. Enough said. Have spent lots of time with these guys in Raro and of course in The Pub
    In the background Tim and Hali Severne. Part of our second generation

    Below: Dale, John, Alan Galbraith and Peter Witcombe formed a band which played at a few of our parties. The Chateaus, playing The Shadows Music. That is John not Hank B!!!

    John 3rd from left with Tim second from left and Daniel on the right. Boys in Budgies. Tim and Tina's wedding in Raro
    Below: This was taken at The Whatever Bar one of our favourite places in Raro. John, Grandson Joseph, Daniel, Hiria, Your truly and Dale

    Studio Gurus Rocky and Dave
    Marmalade and Mandrill
    Both worked with Dale over the years
    Rocky and his wife Jeannie also great friends of ours and our mutual friend Catherine
    Below: At our very first Royal Cajun Yacht Club get together. Rocky and Jeannie came up from Wellington. Staying with Catherine and her husband Bill. It was a mad day

    McCready Family,  Sean, JT, John and Vivienne. Dale first met John in the early 60's when he was trying to sell a dodgy car.
    He then became a client and friend. 50 years of friendship here. JT and John have been together over 20 years. We have spent loads of quality time with them and still do. They live within walking distance of us now. Makes it easy

    JT, her first encounter with all of us. At Stu's
    40th in Sydney. Another fabulous weekend with so many of our friends. Luckily it didn't put her off
    At Stu's 40th. The next day. Stu and Julia

    Dale put a band together for Stu's 40th. Those gorgeous looking girls were the Waitresses. The Guys were desperate to have their photo taken.

    Holidays in the Sunshine Coast with Heinzies and Taymacs John and JT
    Geoff and Larry
    Dale met Geoff when he was the cameraman on shoots in Sydney in the 70's. He moved back to Wellington and set a very successful business.
    Sharing Premises with Campaign boys and Laurie Bushell in the Pink Palace, on the Terrace.
     Larry and Dale sailed in the Hobie Cat Worlds in the 80's. Fantastic 2 weeks in Tahiti. Geoff has been a big part of our boating life.Geoff, Laurian, Larry, Debbie Dale and I all spent time in Croatia boating. Superb.

     Geoff and Laurian on Cajun Moon
     Here we are rafted up in Croatia
    Hali and Steve. Hali married to Tim part of our second generation. Steve an occasional member of our Quiz Team. Chris and Annie Tim's parents. Old friends, workmates and playmates.
    Years of laughter
     Tim, stuck in the Middle. This was taken last Runion somehow he slipped out of my camera sight

     Once again both Chris and Annie somehow didn't get in my photos, on the day. This shot was taken on Cajun Moon. We met Chris when he joined Campaign  around 1980. When the guys went freelance, Chris and Tony Milne came and shared premises with us in 149 Parnell Rd. Great times.
    So much fun
     Below: In 1990, there we are in the UK.
    From left: Barry, Dale, Chris, Annie. Moi, Julia and Laurie

    So, Lana, Julia, Annie. Moi and Jeannie. Sitting on Bacchus. Early 90's
    One of many wonderful time spent on the water

    Deb and Dave. Deb we met through Craig and Louise and then she married Tony.
    Dave is part of our Tribe of Arabs, our "Teenage Gang"
    Gerry, Jan, George, Sharon, Marty, Dale and me
    Our dear departed friend  Dave Vaughan was a big part of this team.
    Even though he is no longer with us his wife Ellen, keeps in touch and visits us when she is in New Zealand. We treasure that
    Below: Dave v and Dave B Flirting with our Chauffeur
     Grand of Duke of York?
     Alas no longer with us Irihapeti, here in the Limo with Geroge. Two dear friends gone but not forgotten

    We have been great friends for 50 years.
    Have got up to a lot of mischief...mmm
    Unfortunately missing here is his lovely lady Diana who couldn't make it

    Sorry you couldn't make Diana. We missed you. We've had some great fun though
     Classic Shot; Farmer Dave and Diana. Masterton Gothic

     Nice time in the son while waiting for someone for come and fix the broken down car
      Below: The Arabs, probably the only shot of us all. Taken in 1969

    Tennis at Ohope.
    Terry, Michael, David. Dale. Gerry and Jude

     Grownup Arabs. Tennis at Club Mac

    Jane, Katie, Lana and Leila.
    Lana met Debbie and I, whilst lunching one day at the Melba in the 80's. Jazzerlunch!!!
    We clicked and we have traveled all over the world together,  she has been an excellent first mate on Cajun Moon. She is part of our family. Leila is part of our 3rd generation, daughter of our friends Justine and Dave
     One friend who I didn't manage to capture on film at the party was June. Lots of partying, travel with Ms June. She is on the left of this shot, taken at a Hawaiian Party we had on New years Eve. Also Julia, Trishie. Lana, Pete, Glen and Moi
     In 1990, a group of us went to New Orleans,
    Lana, Moi and June with a morning cocktail. We knew how to live

    Tony and Doro, met through work in the late 80's found and mutual interest in eating drinking and having a good time.  They used to host wonderful Soirees from their Parnell Home.Spent  quite a bit of time boating with them as well
     Loads of laugh on Cajun Moon

    Geoff and Barry Dee. We met Barry through our friends Annie and Chris Severne.  Known as the gin drinkers. We traveled to Europe with Barry, Julia, Chris and Annie for Chris' 40th birthday in the 90's, Laurie Bushell joined us as well. Great times. Meanwhile Barry sold his boat to Geoff, a few years ago.
    6 Degrees once again
    Yours truly, Jane, Katie our daughter and Andy
    Lana and Moi
    Lana, Jeannie, Sharon and Roger. I first met Roger and Jeannie through a mutual friend at Unilever. We went off to UK and reconnected on our return through a meeting in the Woolworths Supermarket in Johnsonville in 1969. We invited them for dinner, the rest is History
     Jeannie and Moi on Lake Taupo on one of Reunions in the 80's.
    Dave and Anne Hurley nibbling at their lunch
    In the background Dave Atkins father of Leila, and a rear view of Tim Severne, son of Chris and Annie.
    It's Wellington again, Marty, Tony, Carole, Gerry,
    Roger and George. Unfortunately George's lady Marianne was not able to join us
     Tony, Moi, Dale, Dave B, Alastair Circa 1969
    Below: George, Alastair, Sharon, Tony and Marty 1968

     Below: here is Marianne at our last Reunion

    A rather serious picture of Rob and Ricki.We met Ricki on The Northern Star September 1967, en-route to the UK. Another longtime connection. She met Rob and they got married in our Arney Cres House, circa 1979.
    The lady with the Fab hair is Lisa

     That's more like it Rob. Very cheerful.
    Below: Moi, our Tahitian Taxi Driver and Ricki. Tahiti 1967

     Sheryl, Lana and Jude our Air NZ connection. They were responsible for some excellent trips abroad. Lots of rolling off planes
    Many days our Champagne and fun with them all. We spent many hours with Sheryl and her husband Michael, another sadly departed.
    Our mutual love for Islands meant fabulous holidays in Raro and Tahiti. Plus loads of time in Omaha.
    Completing the Air NZ team, Larry and Debbie
    Debbie married Larry close to 25 years ago.
    More people that we have traveled with including, San Diego, Noumea and Croatia
     Same guys different function. Celebrating the Government giving me my Gold Card
     Michael and Sheryl at a wedding we attended many years ago. Dubbed "The Glams" by Inger our receptionist in Calypso Days.That's exactly what they are.
    Below: Dale and Michael in Tahiti Listening to the Rugby through Michael's Computer
     Above: Sailing on Cajun Moon and yet more drinks
    Below: More time in Tahiti with Michael and Sheryl around 20 years ago.
     We miss you  Michael, so many hours of fun. Over 30 years
    Rex, Photographer Extraordinaire, would be telling me off, for this out of focus shot. Mind you I would call it artistic We met Rex through our friend Julia. He had a boat...They got married a few years ago...More people to spend time with on the water
     Dan, Rex and Dale on Cajun Moon
    Grunter and Dan keeping us well entertained.
    In the foreground James.. James' Dad Laurie, first a printing supplier for Dale and Craig in their early day. Became a print Broker and a friend, married Adrienne and along came James. 
    More second generation joining us

    We spent wonderful times with Laurie, pictured here with us and Lana in Paris. Unfortunately he is no longer with us. Miss you Laurie
    Left: Stu and Adrienne, Laurie's wife. They were both out of towners.
    Stu from Sydney and Adrienne from Wellington. Love the fact that friends made the effort to come from all over.
    Right: Rex, Tony, Dale and Tim
    Left: In the foreground our son-in-law Chris with Jane. In the Background a glimpse of Caroline Dee. She is married to Barry and we have spent time on the water with them

    Joining Chris and Jane are Tim and Louise our sister-in-law. Louise came up from Wellington to catch up with old friends. So pleased she could make it.

     Sisters-in-law with our In laws Faye and Bon. 1970

     Left: Louise and Dale tripping the light fantastic
    Below: George, Liz, Dale, Moi, Louise and Craig. They came to see us off, on our trip to UK 1967

     Just to prove that Grunter doesn't always have to play at our parties. Here with David
    Right: Dale and Jeannie, very sedate for them
    Jeannie is married to Rocky we have been friends for over 40 years. They made the effort to come up for the party. They stayed with Janet.
    We all met Janet when she was neighbours with Catherine in Parnell .
    Here is the said Janet. Somehow I didn't get a shot of her this time but this is from a previous RCYC function at the Windsor
    Another friend who couldn't make it on the day, Mary. We met her when Janet moved from next door to Catherine and Bill in Parnell, to next door to Mary in Parnell. Just around the corner from us.  Mary joined us in Raro at the same time as Lucy. Many a bottle has been shared with Mary

    Left: Grandpa Greenie with Wolfie. In the background a glimpse of Annette Hood,  with James Bushell.
    She and her recently departed husband John, dear friends and neighbours from Churton Park 1966 onwards
    And here he is with Wolfie's Grandma. Dancing at another Wrightson Bash Dale's 65th I think
    Here is a better photo of Annette, sandwiched between  Ngaire and Elsje.
    Ngaire and Annette were part of our  group of neighbours, in Churton Park. The husbands all worked late so the girls used to feed the kids early and get together for a sherry or two every week night. Elsje and Ngaire met through Bridge. Turns out Elsje was a neighbour of our in Remuera. These 3 ladies, plus Jeannie and I have lunch every month

    Right:John, Debbie and Jude.
    Jude, I met first briefly, in Wellington. Debbie and I met her in Auckland, when we were
    getting some exercise at Jazzercise.
    1 hour of exercise and then Lunch at The Melba. That was the life. Jude and her then husband Leighton, introduced us to New Orleans in 1988. A start to many visits. We quite often celebrate those time with Cajun feasts. For all of us that traveled there for the Jazz Fest. Time for another one I feel
    Jude and Moi circa 1985
    Left: What would Unilever do without us?
    Tim, Derrick, Your truly and Skid
    From 1961 till 1967, I worked with these lovely guys. We had a wonderful time. Those were the days when Companies trained people. We had a superb social life.I think it is wonderful
    Right: A Classic 1967 shot. Summer in Oriental Bay, At Sandy and Julie's flat. Unilever staff Party
    Missing from the reunion was our friend Bill (Willie) White in the foreground being silly, Dale at the back Thumbs up.  Bill introduced me to Dave Brubeck and we went to Dave Brubeck Concert in the Wellington Town Hall circa 1962-63
    Also not able to attend was Sandy. We were best friends. My Letters from Abroad Blogs which I mus finish this Winter were only possible as Sandy kept all my letters, and returned to me. Wonderful memories. Thank you Sandy
    It was Streamers and "Now is The Hour" when you left by ship in the 1960's. From right George,
    Dave B and Sandy. The lady with the Streamers was my Auntie Glad, my Mother's sister. They were inseparable. "Mrs Binnses Twinses"
    Anna our niece, with her Father Craig and his lovely Karen. Once Wellingtonians like us. All now living here in Auckland. Unfortunately Shannon and Elizabeth Craig's son and his wife couldn't make it
     Anna and Katie with their Grandad Bon
     The cousins at Shannon and Elizabeth's wedding, around 2000

    The whole Wrightson Clan 2012, celebrating a significant birthday for Lucy. Haven't we grown
    Stu and Skid
    Dale met Stu through work. I met Skid also through work at it turns out there is also a Unilever connection between them. They both worked there as well, after I left.

    Roger and George. We all met 50 years ago. In Wellington, we had loads of dinner parties, our children all grew up together.
    These two cemented their relationship with their mad love of fishing. We have spent many wonderful days and night at sea with these guys.
     Said Children, this was taken in Whakatane, around January 1977
    Tina, Julia and Moi
    Julia we met originally through Debbie and Michael. We clicked and when we needed someone to work with us in our Murray Ball Project, Dale's first choice was Julia. We had about 5 years working together. They were wonderful years. Our office in Parnell were real Halcyon days. All together, Pete Burt, Chris Severne, Tony Milne. Terry Rogers, Murray Thom. Downstairs Catherine Saunders. Stu and Yvonne the Australian connection. Superb
     Justine with moi. Justine and her husband Dave were neighbours of Katie and Chris for around 6 years. We met then. Great fun. The relationship continues.
    Dale with Justine
    In 2006 we all joined forces in Rarotonga. Below Chris and Dave

    Katie and Justine
    Also on that particular holiday...Our frequent traveling companions,
    Moi, Lana, Heinzie and Mary

    Gaye, Darielle, Tim, Derrick, Me and Lorraine. We have to thank Unilever for this connection. Derrick and Lorraine got married a few years ago at Hula Lodge. A great day. I was Matron of Honour at Derrick's first wedding to Frances, who started at Unilever the same month as me. She and Derrick met there. Then Derrick asked me to be his best person at his marriage to Lorraine 40 years later. Actually we went to Tim and Gaye's wedding in New Plymouth and Darrielle and Skid's in Napier.

    One of the best things Unilever did was the Children's Christmas Party
    A great opportunity for the Staff to dress up. Ably led by Ms Tui Flower the Home Economist
    The theme this particular year Peter Pan.
     The Fairy Guess Who? Derrick played a lost boy and Frances was Wendy. It was enormous fun. We all loved it
    Below: On the right front row. Frances, Derrick and Moi Top Left: Bill White
    Lorraine, Derrick, Moi, Skid, Darielle and Dale
    Dinner at the The Terraces in Taupo a couple of years ago
    Phil, Terry and Lois
    Terry we met, in 1970 when he and Ngaire moved across the road from us. Once Dale and Terry met one another, they were like Brothers in Arms. They had so many adventures together. Terry after years living in New York and Sydney, came home to become a partner in Campaign. Joining Phil, Dale, Craig, Terry Christie, Peter Burt and Tony Preston. Even after all of these years still great friends.
     Dale and Terry planning to sail around
     Cape Horn. In Acrux. 40ft of boat... Lois came up with a better idea

    We all did The Horn, but in luxury. Silver Whisper Cruise. Fabulous times
     Terry and Dale really sailing, Tauranga, Vila, Wellington 1976

    With my lovely daughter Katie
    Craig and Dale

     Family in Raro Dale, Sophia, Moi and Helen
    With Heinzie's, Lana, Chris, Katie, Mia and Cleo
    Same Place different Time and Faces. John, Hiria. Dan and Joseph

    The band played well. The guys always manage to find the right songs . Jeannie and Darielle
    Darielle and Jeannie. We met them quite separately and found out a few years later that they both worked together at Wellington Hospital.
    6 Degrees again
     Lorraine and Dale
     Derrick and Lorraine dancing, an enthusiastic crowd singing along
    Craig with Stu
     Justine, Dan and Tim
    Julia, Larry and Debbie
    Tina with Hiria
    Recently we were all in Rarotonga for Tim and Tina's wedding
    In the background Johnny Day with Laurian.
    Married to Geoff...Laurian and I became Movie Buddies, when they moved to Auckland.
    Plus lots of time at sea
    Jenny and Ian Thomsen, Boating friends, chatting with Glynn
    We met the Thomsens in Whangaroa about 6 years ago. Always a pleasure to see their boat Infared in the Harbour when we arrived

    John Hughes, our Designer saviour. Dale met John through Pete Burt, when we were still living in Wellington. Pete's office was above John's business premises. Dale used Pete's office on his trips to Auckland. Was intrigued by John's wonderful sense of style and started  buying lovely bits and pieces from him. We then hired him to help decorate our house in Wellington, he did the design for all Campaign Offices and has worked on all of our houses. Of course he has been a wonderful luncher and friend. We are still sitting on couches that we bought from him in 1976.
     Dale, Pete and John at out house in the 80's
    Neil and Lana
    As it turns out we were all in London together in the 60's. We knew Neil and had some great times with him and his wife Glenys, including a great week in Munich. Plus many hours at The Plough in East Sheen. Lana flatted with Glenys in London. Somehow we never met at that stage. We have made up for it in these last few decades
    Said Plough...we used to drink them out of lager most Sundays
     On the right Moi and Tim helping to drain the Plough dry of lager
    Second from left Neil Cullimore, obviously a nice day in London drinking in the carpark
    Lois. She came into our lives when she met Terry.
    We have spent so much time with them at Sea. Dale and Terry have done lots of blue water sailing. Lois bravely took off with Terry, in their lovely boat Alpha Cruscis. They sailed around the world, for 5 years. Amazing. Now, they live not far from us on their boat in the Viaduct. Within walking distance . No less
    Tim and Tina, we haven't know them for a very long time but they have formed part of our family of friends.
    We met through our son Dan. What we missed out on longevity has been made up with quality
    Derrick and Tim. A lot of catching up. Friends since the 60's. Once a good friend always a good friend
    Left: Skid, Terry and Darielle,  Skid and Darielle
    went to live overseas, in many different countries.Before they moved they lived in Johnsonville, not far from us in Churton Park. They met Terry then. Terry has visited them on at least 2 occasions when in the same country. We also met up with them, most memorable was staying with them in Bogota
     Hiria, Lisa and Tina. Lisa is married to BK
    Great friends of Dan and Helen's. We have spent many fantastic times with them as well including
    a weekend at Lake Rotoitit for our grandson Josephs birthday.
    Below Bk on the left
    Joseph picked outfits for us all to wear for his Birthday Dinner. Not the most flattering for some, but it was very funny

    More dressing up a better photo of BK! Daniel's 40th Birthday, sandwiched between Donny and Marie
     At the same party, Donny and Marie Osmond
    Aka Dan and Helen
    Missing in Action due to a trip to The US Bridgie and Steve. Steve is normally our Bongo Player at our parties. Missed you two
     Can't always show glamorous pics.  At Dan's 40th
    Fab shot. Mr Roarke and Tattoo. "The Plane, The Plane"

    All grown up now. All grew up together
    Nicole, Scott, Dan, Joanne, Katie and Sarah

    Johnny Day with Dale and Glenys
    Johnny became friends after working together with Dale. His Partner Trishie and he had a Production Company Matte Box Films. Once again lots of lunches, parties, travel, you name it we did it. Unfortunately Trishie couldn't make it.
    She was swanning about in Raro
     Johnny and Dale, Guitarists Extraordinaire
     Below: Trishie with Dale and I at The Bollinger Ball in the 80's. Those were the days

     Left: Pete Burt, very old friend. Dale met him at Inglis Wright, when the boys went Freelance Pete and his wife then Glen played The Burt Hilton for Dale every week. My word, that must have been a challenge. When we moved to Auckland. They were a huge part of our lives. When Pete left Campaign he came and joined us during our Murray Ball Days

    Above: Greeting Craig
    Below: having a quick wine, making up for lost time

    We have had some wonderful times with Pete and Elpie on Cajun Moon
     Below: Here's a real shot of them at a RCYC party a few years ago   

     Classic clip from NZ Women's Weekly around 1979. Pete and Dale as the headline said Flushed with Success and Muller Thurgau. A winning team
    Some other people I missed on the day
    This was a RCYC at The Crib. The lovely Bruno was looking after then as well as he does now.
    Bruno, Brian, Elsje's Husband and a side view of our dear departed friend John Hood

    Our friend Vicky let her husband Phil come over without her to join in the festivities. Here she is at one of our other dos
     Somehow Lucy slipped from under my radar on the day. But not too worry Lots of shots. She is in between Moi and Sharon. Our Trip to New Orleans in 1989. Great times. Food Music Wine...what more can one ask for?
    Aaron Christie and Sarah, represented Terry and Barb who couldn't make it on the day. Didn't get them in my lens that day so I pinched the shot off his FB page

    Richard and Clare Fletcher. Clare was a Campaign Girl in the 80's. Then their daughter Casey came to work for us at Juice, early 2000s.
    So the 6 degrees continue

    Very Important Person in our lives is Joyce. We met Joyce at Club Med Tahiti circa 1979.  WE were there with Pete and Glen Burt. She currently lives in Rochester, New York. When she lived in San Francisco, she entertained so many of our friends visiting that fair city. Sent up by us. Joyce will look after you. It was never a problem. When she visited New Zealand in 1980 she already had loads of best friends
    From Left: Moi, Joyce, a Spunk called Larry and Dale playing the photographer

     Classic Shot from the Club Med trip
    Pete Burt with his Model at the Body Painting Competition. He won. Brilliant 
     Another Classic Shot. This was at the party we held for Joyce when she arrived in New Zealand for her first visit. Dale and His Father Bon... just a little tired and emotional
    We took the kids to the US in 1981 to stay with Joyce.
    She kindly looked after the kids in San Fran whilst Dale and I swanned about in New York for 5 days. Our first visit to that amazing city.
    Here we are together with our Katie.
    She has continued to visit our fair shores for over
    30 years. She is part of our Family

    She came and joined us in New Orleans in 1990
    Joyce, Lana, Dale, Joyce's friend Suzanne from Texas, Jan and Moi. This was an amazing 2 weeks. that we will all remember for ages
     Right: Kawau Island with Robin and Eileen, unfortunately Robin is another departed.
    Eileen couldn't make it on the day. Robin another partner in Campaign and they owned a sister boat to Cajun Moon, Grey Goose. Lots of fun time on the water
     Of course we mustn't forget Keith, he unfortunately couldn't make it due to a bad back.
    Knew him in Wellington. He moved to Auckland and lived on his boat. He helped Dale when he was looking for a boat. Finally we bought Cajun Moon
     We launched Cajun Moon at Westhaven in  1991
    As usual it became a party. I got to smash a bottle of Champagne on the Bow.
    Launched 20 years of enormous fun
     Again lots of our friends came from all over to celebrate with us. We had Cajun Moon till this year. Wonderful memories

    I have had so much organising this reunion, and finding all of these photos.
    Thanks to all for participating in our lives. So much fun over the years.
    It's been fantastic and will continue I'm sure.
    Maybe a little more sedate!!!
    I don't think so somehow.