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    Sunday, April 13, 2014

    Fish Pie - Use up your Leftovers

    Our friends Mary and Heinzie were staying for the weekend to help celebrated the Beloved's Turn of the Decade Birthday.

    After a good kick off start on Friday, Saturday had to be a quiet night, so that we would be in good form for the big Party on Sunday.
    A couple of weeks previously our friend Skid, brought us up from Taupo... a trout, caught by his fair hands only 15 hours before. I was worried that we wouldn't want it straight away, so it went into the freezer for a later date.
    Perfect time to bring it out.
    Saturday night dinner.

    I cooked the trout the only way I know how.
    It is a very delicate fish and I think it needs some flavour boost.

    Take your headless, gutted fish
    Season the fish inside and out with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Fill the seasoned cavity with thin slices of red onion and lemon

    In a large baking dish, place some more sliced onions and lemons
    Use this as a trivet and sit the fish on top.
    Pour over some white
    Cover with foil and into a 180C oven

    Cook till a skewer slides through the fish

    This should take about 20 - 30 minutes, depending on the size of the fish

    This method of cooking keeps the flesh moist and delicious

    Then you remove the skin and slice off the flesh
    Trout is a very boney fish so be careful
    So I served it with Mashed Potato and Garlic Green Beans.

    Sometimes, I make a dressing with the juices but I now have a new seafood dressing...
    which I am loving.
    So simple
    Got the idea from the Trusty Triple Tested Recipe Book

    I have made a couple of changes. Rum instead of Brandy
    But use Brandy if you have it
    They suggested Chili Sauce but I love Sriracha Sauce so I used that

    1/2 cup Mayonnaise
    1 tablespoon minced Celery
    1 teaspoon minced red onion or shallot
    1 teaspoon Cider or White wine Vinegar
     Freshly ground Black Pepper
    1 tablespoon Sriracha Sauce
    2 tablespoons Rum or Brandy
    1 teaspoon parsley
    Sea salt

    Blend well
    Put into the fridge, best to let it set for a couple hours
    Perfect with trout or any seafood

    So I have digressed too much
    Back to the Fish Pie

    Of course there was leftover Trout, also leftover Hot Smoked Salmon
    Which we had had on crackers, as an appetiser
    Heaps of Mashed Potato and also Green beans
    Over catering again!
    What to do but Fish Pie of course

    So I made a Bechamel sauce
    For the Roux

    4 tablespoons butter 
    1 small onion, finely chopped
    4 tablespoons flour
    1 teaspoon mustard, I used Dijon
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    Zest (finely grated) and juice of 1 medium lemon
    2 cups milk, warmed
    2 bay leaves

    First make your Roux
    Melt butter
    Add onions cook gently till soft and translucent
    Add flour
    Stir well and cook out the flour taste, about 3-4 minutes
    Season with Salt, pepper and mustard
    Add grated lemon zest
    Meanwhile warm the milk with the bay leaf (to infuse the milk)
    Remove the bay leaf
    Add to roux
    Stir briskly and then use whisk to make sure there are no lumps
    Add lemon juice
    Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary

    Meanwhile, prepare your fish
    Break up the Salmon and carefully break up the trout
    Look out for those pesky bones
    I also defrosted a dozen prawns

    Add to Bechamel Sauce
    Along with the fish I added the Green beans
    Covered with Leftover Mashed Potato
    Baked at 180C till all bubbly and golden about 25 minutes

    Fish Pie

    We did manage to have a couple of shots and the compulsory Photo, with the appetiser
    Wouldn't be a Heinzie visit, without that

    Saturday, April 12, 2014

    Yet Another Milestone - Dale's 70th Birthday

    It seems we can never let a birthday go by, without some form of celebration and the occasion this year, was Dale's 70th birthday.
    The Birthday Boy

    From a Beautiful Baby to a Handsome Old Man! Great Years Dale

    Luckily, we seem to have plenty of photos to illustrate that, no matter how old we are, we still have a great time, with Family and dear Friends. Katie put this Video together for Dale's 65th, with Soundtrack by Craig. I discovered it a couple of days ago.
    Great family history. Friends might recognise a few faces

    The actual day of birth was earlier in the week and we had lunch with Terry and Lois who unfortunately weren't able to join us at the Bash, Same place, different time.
    Lois and Dale
    Terry and Dale
    So we all gathered at the Windsor Castle on Sunday April 6th. So thrilled so many people were able to come.  Visitors from out of town, Los Angeles, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Lower Hutt, Mt Maunganui, Hamilton and even the North Shore!
    Of course it was a great occasion. Celebrating 25,550 days of a full on life. Thank you Deb for the calculation, NOT

    Dale and Ngaire

    Some visitors from out Of Town

    George, Annie, Jane, Sunflowers and Dale

    Big Hugs Pale Dale from the Sperms, Glimpse of Darran on the right
    Penny, Diana and Marianne
    George holding court

    Two Wrighsons and a Visitor from Hawkes Bay

    Our pride and Joy. Mia, Cleo, Sophia and Joseph

    Rocky, Dan, Johm and another visitor from Hawkes Bay

    Gilli, Helen and Jeannie

    An Aries Selfie, could almost be twins

    Looking very quizzical!

    Just got off the Devomport Ferry. Jan, Gerry, Sharon, Pete, Elpie and David...The Arrival

    The Departure - Took a while - Costing the taxpayer a fortune. Old people On The Buses

    Old People waiting for the bus

    Looking a little like Browns Cows

    Just thought it was very funny at the bus stop
    Sorry I digressed Back to the party
    Henizie between 2 of his dancing partners Lana and Julia

    Dale with Karen, John and JT Lurking in the background

    Who's holding court, Craig, or Jules

    Larry preparing for his Job as Team Photographer

    Dave, Diana and a touch of Marianne

    Star of the Day not bad for 70 really

    Ms Sherl, Dale and Johnny

    The thorn between 2 roses. Sheryl and Debbie

    Craig and Dave

    Lucy, Sexy and Jules and a surprised Jeannie
    Annie and Debbie,, lurking ion the back Penny, Lana a touch of Gilli and John Hughes

    In their own shot Penny and Lana

    Deb, Barry and Dale

    Barry and Dale

    Add Craig and it makes 3

    2 Debbies and 1 Elpie

    Cath and Lana

    Brian and Barry, with Rocky lurking in the background

    Gerry and Diana in deep conversation behind Sharon and Jeannie

    Daddy and Daughter, Like Peas in a Pod

    Deb and Dale

    Chris, Rob, Annie and Rocky

    Debbie and Lucy

    Karen and Shannon

    Jeans and Karen

    Mr Dan

    A Rob Thorn, between Faine and Jane

    Tina and Tim, John and Grunter

    Jude and Bridgie

    Ms Cara

    A slightly surprised Helen, watch out for your finger Shannon

    What a lovely couple,

    Another lovely couple
    Katie and Debbie
    Larry and Elizabeth
    Jeannie, Annette and Birthday Boy
    Lana, Jeannie and Johnny
    Catching up Heinzie and John Morton
    Lisa and Ms June

    Two J's, June and JT

    Debbie Flanked by two Older Men John Mac and Dale

    Lovely to have the family around us
    Marianne, Gerry and George
    John Hughes and Ms Sherl

    It's been about 20 years since Dale last met Brian

    So far So Good

    Dale being wrangled into Place by Jane and Bridgie, so he could watch his Mia perform


    Dan getting Mia ready

    Mia, you did us proud

    Dale surrounded by Women again... Sophia and Gilli
    Mr Knig with Mr Cullimore Two beards No waiting

    Always plenty to say from Ms Gilli. Poor Gerry

    Two Heinzies surrounding Steve.

    Debbie and Jeannie D

    Lovely shot ladies, Jules and Elpie

    Anne and Murray, now that's a good looking couple
    A Photo Bomb - Elpie, Debbie and Catherine
    Anna chatting to Elizabeth, Shannon engrossed in the Montage of Photos
    Nice back Nigel. Better than nothing I guess
     Of course, what a Wrightson Party be without Music and Dancing
    First Up Mr John 'Hank B' Morton
    A Medley of The Shadows Greatest Hits

    Who needs Hank Marvin?

     So When John Finished.
    Along Came Craig
    He opened with
    "Those were the Days My Friends"
    So appropriate - there should be a song "These Are Our Days My Friends"
    and "Still Crazy After all These Years"
    So back to The Present, Dan and Grunter, the Very Famous in New Zealand and  Dubai
    The CVE
    Grunter and Dan


    Heinzie - The Girls Favourite Dancing Partner with Lana

    So while Heinzie works out, the next generation Chat... BK and Tim

    With Bridgie

    With Cara
    With Julia
    Crowd goes wild

    CVE in action

    Looking like a Congo Line has formed
    Finally found a shot of Lisa on the left and Glenys on the right, dancing of course

    While the girls play. Tim watches

    There are some people who have manged to escape the camera or only appear in a small way

    That's OK, I have pictures of them
    Bert and Ernie AKA Shaun and Darran with Ms Jeannie

    Two extras from the Sound of music AKA Ian and Lisa

    A Dancing Elsje
    An elusive Brian taken with our dear departed friend John at RCYC party a few years. Wish you were here John

    I have to finish with a montage of some shots of the mad friends at our events, over the years.
    Thank you for joining us, Without you all it would be nothing
    The Launch of The Royal Cajun Yacht Club
    Sexy and CJ Sperm

    Dressed by Andy, Dan, Michael and Dale set for Journey North

    When Joyce visits ,we always have a lunch or two

    Revels in Raro

    Look what a few drinks do to people

    Donny and Marie aka Helen and Dan

    Larry Deb and Bridge

    Ms Mary and Moi at one of my birthdays

    Geoff and Laurian

    Ha ha Mr Heinz

    Ha ha again with Ms Heinz

    Outing on Cajun Moon , Auckland at it's best

    Boys trip to Barrier

    Chef Pete's pants getting caught in the rubbish locker

    The Launch of Cajun Moon

    More Fun on Cajun Moon

    Mmmm reflections at another RCYC party

    Go Elpie and Bridgie

    Tepanaki with Gerry in "Rower Hutt"

    Wonder woman with a Little House on the Prairie refugee

    Ha ha Dancing partners
    $12M dollars worth of men, Dave and Shannon

    Lovely Karen

    Ian and Lisa, not quite as Glam as when they were Nazis!

    Pearl's a Singer

    Dave and Ms Mary

    Mr Green, Ms June and Ms Penny

    The Plane, The plane

    Annie, Lana and Jules


    Lana, Jan and A stunned Mullet aka David 

    JT in Paris

    Warrior Deb in Croaria

    Birthday Boy bit under the weather in Croatia

    Who needs a walker when you have Larry and Geoff

    Cheers Queers!

    Ahhh Sexy

    Couple of friends in Hawkes Bay

    Cousins and Longtime Friends, Anne and Sharon

    Nice One Rocky

    Annette with Jan and in the background Katie and Fi

    Wrightson Girls

    Steve, Moi and Cath Reunion Lunch at The Windsor

    Sorting out the world Terry and Steve

    Our Day at The Cricket Years ago

    Dale's 41st birthday. Ms Sherl

    The Smoking Days Pete, Debbie and Glen

    Tripping the light Fantastic, Edgar and Catherine

    Lois, Jeannie and Jan

    Jude with Bridgie

    Gerry and Diana

    Heinzie Photo Bombing the Raro Team

    Classic Sound of Music Shot

    Mmmmm Birthday Boy

    Cajun Moon with the Burts

    Rugby World Cup Stu, Sherl and Dale

    Nice One George

    Barb and Terry

    Rock n Roll Gerry, Dave and Dale

    It's Allllll Right

    Hostess on the floor

    Brian, Our own Elvis

    Mr McCready and Mr Burt

    California 1988 with Lucy and Sharon

    Girls, Joyce here, another Lunch

    Another Wrightson birthday with Jeannie and Annette

    Mich and Karen

    Brad and Dale
    Nice one Steve

    Whay Hay, Joyce, here again, more food and drink

    Quiz Team 2012

    Breakfast with Lana and The Rubins

    Whakatane, rest time between drinks

    Ms Jeannie circa 1971

    Nice One Rocky?

    Club Mac Rocky, Rog and Gerry

    Sometimes it is just too hard to stand

    Ha ha Ms Cleo

    Rotoiti 2013
    Home again

    Motley Crew

    Nice shot Mother and Son

    BK living the good life

    Dale surrounded with longtime friend and a constant companion

    Girls on Bacchus

    Cullie and Lana

    Angry Bird

    Andy surrounded by lovely ladies


    Mmmm again

    Let's go around the Horn Dale

    1980's excesses

    Arabs on Cajun Moon


    John Hank B Morton

    You want to smoke your pipe Terry,? Outside please. Portofino Parnell Rd

    Attractive look Laurie and Ngaire

    Got them before they nodded off Tony and Dale

    In good voice Churton Street Party

    Anyone for tennis? or Maybe Jolly Hockey sticks

    Cool couple. Cardboard Cutout
    In UK with Barry, Chris, Annie, Jules and Laurie

    Perfectly Placed Laurie

    At one of the Napier weekends with Laurie, A, the Stewarts and Gay
    Loie, Jeannie and Jan Reunion at The Windsor

    Friends for over 40 years
    1986 with Jan, Dave and Linda

    Johnny and Dale

    Pete and Dale

    I feel a song coming on

    In London with Glen Cullimore 1968

    Photo Bombed by Heinzie

    Murray and Michael At The Villa in TuscArney

    1967 with Ricky in Tahiti

    George and Marianne at Jazz Fest in Hawkes Bay

    Hiria in Raro

    Mr King The Plumber

    Joseph's 12 Birthday in Rotoiti

    Tipatinas at Katie's Love Boat Birthday

    The Love Boat, Your Captain and Your Bartender

    Our precious Jewels 

    Churton Park 1969 Dave and Craig
    Sisters in Law 1970
    Two waiting

    Lana's Japanese Night with Glen Cennano

    Anna and Elizabeth at The Love Boat Party

    Drinks in Oriental Bay. 1966?

    Auld Lang Syne Farewell to us September 1967

    DJ and Lu's wedding
    The Unilever Gang

    Love this shot, Stu's 40th

    Milton and Dale, Twins and Erin and me almost Twins
    Dale with Gerry and Dave V

    Ellen Vaughan with us


    Rock and Roll Phil 1978

    Sheryl, Vicky and Michael

    Wine please Vicar

    Dale's Favourite Girls

    Mr Heinz with one of his favourite Dancing Partners Bridgie

    Tony and Annie

    Rocky Bay with Debbie and David
    Old friends and Colleagues Derek and Dale

    Annie Dales Trusted Companion for many years

    Cant have a party without the Band

    God This life of Mine...Exhausting
    And for the final word,  Thanks Everyone for Making this day Special.
    So many wonderful Memories
    So much Fun