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    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    Crown Resort Rarotonga, The Best Island Night

    Last night we took the children to an Island night.  The Crown Resort was recommended. Their nights are Monday and Thursday.
    It is $45 per adult, $30 per child an excellent buffet and the show about 1 hour long of great fun.
    We have been to quite a few of these nights over the years in many countries and this rates right at the top.
    A mixed group from 3 years up. Some very attractive people. Boy can they move those hips. Makes us 'Palangi' look pretty stupid.
    Of course The obligatory 'Assume The Position' was taken first at home then at the restaurant.
    You might notice a missing person...suffering from 'The Cold' and possibly, an aversion to Island night

    So introducing Donna your hostess for the night
    Roast Pork on left and the fish had a chili sauce
    Above Chicken wings on the left and Beef right
    Below on left; Baby Octopus in Coconut Cream and right; Creamed Rukau, the local Taro leaves. Delicious.

    Below; Salad Bar
    Praise for the Ika Mata, so far the best we have had eating out.
    There was dessert, Chocolate Cake, Choc Mousse, Carrot Cake, Ice Cream, Tropical Fruit Salad. All got thumbs up from the family
    And then the Performance started. Our little girls loved it.

    Catch those hips and then below Up came the tourists.
    If you hold you drink to your mouth they don't ask you to come on the stage, in case you wondered how to avoid being invited.
    A great night. Thank you Crown Resort.

    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    Ika Mata - Food of Raro

    The Making of the Best Ika Mata.
    Chris and Katie went walking and foraging. Bringing back a lovely bunch of coconuts.

    This year Tony, our landlord, has supplied an opening tool for the Coconut.
    Chris our own personal action man, knows how to work it, thank god, The Old Sofas didn't seem to have a clue.
     Here is Mia, with the huskless coconut.
    The coconut meat, so crisp, fresh, delicious and I think fattening, which is all I need.
    We have eaten a lot of Ika Mata on the Island over the years but I have to say Chris' version takes a lot of beating.
    (Challenge out to Dan, who also makes a mean one.)
    So first buy your fish, which in this case was Tuna.
    The tuna up here is amazing. It looks like a jewel.
    Then you marinate the fish in citrus of choice, Lime or lemon.
    Leave for about an hour.

    While that is happening, whip up some pizza dough
    and chop the vege

    Cucumber, tomato, garlic chives or spring onion, chili (managed to source some little birdseye from Blackrock Villas) coriander, and the piece de resistance...Papaya.
    Drain the excess juice off the fish and add to the vege.
    (Meanwhile cook the garlic pizza bread)
    Season well with Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.
    Add just enough coconut milk to moisten, wet enough for juice to dip the garlic bread in
    Serve on a bed of the freshest, just picked greens  from the local shop.
    Evening cocktails.

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Life in Raro As We Know it - Part Four

    Oh no! Has to be an alcohol free day. The face that stared back at me, from the mirror this morning, was screaming “Cool it Girl”.
    And I wasn’t the only one. The night before, with the killer Martinis was too much for us all.
    The weather still a bit intermittent, which is a bit of pain. Ms Lana, like a Jack in Box, in, out, in out.
    The jigsaw is keeping some souls busy,

    The iPad providing games and TV programmes…I am watching “Nurse Jackie”, Fantastic…books… all going down well.
    I’m only on book one, Solitaire, Flight Control and Scrabble taking over. This is unheard of for me. Normally I would be on Book 3 at least. So electronic toys are taking over my life
    Pre lunch cocktails today Virgin Marys, very nice too.

    Excellent lunch again today, Ms Mary’s stuffed eggs, sausages, fresh wholemeal bread, same as yesterday

    It’s a books on the couch afternoon, then an outing for Team Raro,
    Went to TAV shop, Mr Heinz very disappointed… Over priced…Over Us…appalling.

    Booked Waterline for Wednesday with the Tipitinas.
    It is 5.30pm.
    Well, we have decided… we are not so much fun sober, 10.30pm would have made up the 24 hours alcohol free time, but it was a bit much for Team Raro.
    So, maybe 16 hours, instead of 24 or more alcohol free hours, is enough?

    As John McCready said aptly, it is 10.30 pm somewhere in the world. So, on that note, Ms Lana made cocktails.
    BUT we did resist wine with the meal. Note the absence of wine glasses on the table

    And an excellent meal it was too. Roast Pork and vege, Great Crackling.

    My word, why would you go out to eat. Stunning here.
    Watched Avatar or at least 4 of us did, Moi was asleep, very comfortably in a chair.
    No pictures, as it is not always a good look.

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Life in Raro As We Know it - Part Three


    I forgot to mention, that we lost a bottle of Vodka from the back of the Car on arrival at the house which of course was a great worry to us all.
    As you can see the boot was rather full

    The next day bottles of beer rolled out from the boot.
    Quote from Ms Mary
    “Everytime I hear broken glass, I think F**k, more lost alcohol.”
    I think this has to be the quote of the week so far.
    Quiet morning – Sun Bunnies Ms L and Mr D out in it earlier then Mr H doing the jigsaw in between reading 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'.
     Dale playing solitaire and reading.

    Me playing Scrabble on the iPad (out of picture).Ms Mary and Mr H reading,
    The pool awaits us.

    Lunch became quite a grand affair. I made Wholemeal bread
    Ms Lana in the kitchen making the beautiful salad.

    We have discovered wonderful Market Gardens here, with lots of fresh parsley, lettuce, tomatoes, basil coriander, cucumber. Haven’t found any of the hard herbs, rosemary, thyme etc but will check when we eat at the Italian restaurant, Stephanos They are Italian, so should be knowledgeable.
    We barbequed some sausages and it was all washed down with some very nice Chilean Rose we have discovered here.
    Don’t like their Sauv Blanc but the Pinot Noir is very good.

    Dale had left his guitar at the airport on arrival day…as it was special baggage, it took ages to come out so he came through the gate and then tried to get back in, they don't like that, so left it there, for pick up at a later date.
    Mary, meanwhile, had left her prescription glasses on the plane, so as it was Monday... they made a special trip to the airport, dropping me off at the Internet Café.
    The Sun Seekers donned their Over Active Garb and went walking.
    The Internet café was frustrating (our broadband wasn’t on at the house yet)…very slow. BUT Ms Mary and Dale had lots of luck with their mission and retrieved their goods.

    The lovely Tim and Tina, now know to Team Raro, as The Tipitinas arrived to have dinner… bringing with them some beautiful Sashimi grade Tuna. This fish is fabulous and so cheap here.

    We provided Roast Lamb Bums, Gratin Dauphinois and a cabbage salad. The Cabbages here are also wonderful, so fresh and crisp. Right from someone’s garden.
    Sign of a good eater... smelling the food first
    Some mint sauce for your Lamb, Ms Tina

    More wine Vicar?
    More Music Vicar?

    It soon developed, after a couple of Ms Lana’s spectacular Martinis, into a near riot
    First Mr H charmed us all with the mouth organ

    Then he entertained us with his excellent rendition of "Swing Low Sweet Chariots".
    Karaoke for the Deaf!!!
    Please singalong  4:4 Time
    And a 1,2,3,4...
    "Swing Low
    For to
    "Swing Low
    For to
    "I Looked Over Jordan
    And what did I see?
    For to

    A Band
     Of Angels

     For to
    Repeat The Chorus
    "Swing Low
    Sweet Chariot
    Coming For to Carry Me home"
     Girls really impressed
    Thank you Mr Heinz

    Saw Tim and Tina off on their bike. As it is pitch black and the only illumination the Bike lamp…I think it was an interesting ride down our drive, in fact the bike did fall over, as witnessed by Mr Heinz… who was farewelling them at the time.
    Arrived home safely though, we got the phone call to let us know.

    We then watched The Rod Stewart Concert. “A F***ing Pansy” apparently, (according to Mr H) but the girls do love him. Mr Dale assumed his normal position… in bed.

    More interesting Quotes from Mr H
    “I want to say this about that!”
    He described himself as “a Humble Host”.

    Ms Lana and Ms Mary provided supper in the form of toasted sandwiches.
    God we're buggered!