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    Monday, November 26, 2007

    Fleur's Place Moeraki New Zealand

    So another fairly long trek ahead. Off to Fleurs Place
    More of these wonderful colonial houses.
    They are dotted amongst the landscape. There will be more I promise

    First to Dunedin we bypassed the ciyt. In her spare time Trish is a line producer and is in great demand.She suggested we went to Port Chalmers for lunch. She had spent quite a bit of time in the Port whilst working on a movie about very tragic happenings in the town of Aramoana called “Out of the Blue” (a review of this movie here.)

    It's a pretty little place and well worth a passing visit.

    Finding an open place for lunch was not proving easy we drove around the little port and we ran into one of Jim’s trucks…Not only does he farm but he also has a huge fleet of Big Trucks

    That was exciting but wasn’t providing any food.

    The church in Port Chalmers was gorgeous, a quick photo opportunity.
    It was Monday and most places were closed but just around the corner we discovered this lovely hotel The Carey Bay Historical Hotel

    Lovely view

    Food was available and we had a wonderful lunch
    Dale is on a mission to find the best fish cakes and these were pretty good

    I had seared Marlborough scallops with cubes of kumara on a bed of greens with deep fried kumara thins. Very good . Any time you’re passing…do drop in.

    As we came out we glanced at the plaque. This hotel had been restored by an Auckland woman unfortunately now deceased. But all the work was worth it.
    A nice plaque dedicated to her

    We ventured around the bays to Aramoana, The Otago Harbour is very pretty.
    Quirky little sights

    Good idea for a mailbox an old chilly bin

    Aramoana Beach is quite beautiful

    But unfortunately this road was leading us to a dead end.
    So we returned, to Port Chalmers took the Blueskin Ridge Rd and headed off to Moeraki our next Port of Call.
    En route we dog tailed into Shag Point…obviously beach homes to I guess Dunedin people.
    Cute little baches or cribs as they call them down here.

    We have been salivating in anticipation of our stay in this little town Moeraki
    It is famous for 2 things
    The Moeraki Boulders, sorry Catherine we didn’t walk down, but we read about them and here’s my photo.

    And Fleur’s Restaurant
    We had booked our dinner here 3 weeks ago and they had arranged accommodation for us.
    We were there early so here is sight you rarely see…Sitting on the car provisions from the pub (no alcohol) just water and chips just to tide us over till dinner with our pre-dinner wine.

    The Moeraki Motel was OK. Great view over this little fishing village.
    Very basic but not really for the obese or infirmed.
    They would never make it up and down the staircase
    Had to be careful. They were difficult.

    Nice nylon bedspreads...A snoring room

    But their real claim to fame is being so close to Fleur’s Place

    This place is world wide renowned with even the guru of Fish Cooking Rick Stein singing its praises. Which is how I first heard about it.

    He has even signed the door.
    Great little teapot collection

    Of course we ate blue cod. It was divine.

    Worth the long drive, all pretty stunning really

    It was all over bar the shouting by 8.30.
    Fell asleep in front of the TV.

    Up early would you believe the village was covered in mist.

    So pleased we did the sightseeing the day before.

    I would award this establishment
    Clinically clean and tidy but add another
    ♥♥♥ for position and Fleur’s Place.

    West Otago A & P Show – More local product

    Now we are really on a farm. Our friends Trishie and Jim live on Jim’s 1800 acres.
    As far as the eye can see. It’s Jim’s land.
    But first we had to get there.
    We left Wanaka and decided to bypass Queenstown and head down through Cromwell.
    I love how small towns promote themselves
    It’s a pretty little town
    No stopping though we were on a mission to lunch in Roxborough. Onto the Clyde Dam
    All this water flows on
    Down this river and so did we.
    Stopping only for the photo opportunity.
    Another old town Clyde
    I’ve finally managed to get one old colonial house.
    This is a beautifully preserved sample
    The mission accomplished we hit Roxborough.
    Lovely little restaurant called “Succulent” .Recommended by Trish and also Sue from Wanaka.
    Quirky design and excellent food
    I had bangers and mash , Dale had pumpkin soup and his eyes were a bigger than his belly and he also ordered stuffed potato with smoked salmon.. He was a good soldier though and finished it all up.
    They had local art displayed so we popped down to the Endemic Art Gallery and ended up purchasing some work from a local photographer Gregory Slui which took our eye.
    Apparently they had a hoar frost which lasted for 10 days this year. Must have been bloody freezing. Anyhow the frozen landscape made a wonderful subject.
    So out of there.
    Next stop Tapanui. First we called into Trish’s latest project.
    She has opened up Tapanui’s first combined Café and Gym “Chisel”
    She is such an innovative person, this shop is a cheerful little café
    And on the left a full on gym with all the machines…
    There is a massage room, Trish’s sister Annalie is a trained masseuse
    Lucky Tapanui people
    The aim is to serve great coffee, healthy nourishing food.
    They are doing school lunches. I would order them if I was at school
    Sorry I didn’t get a photo of the gym. Mind you I guess that is typical.
    All I seem to be interested in is food and drink.
    Trish greeted us on one of her favourite toys the mower.
    Of course we all had a welcoming wine
    Trish had bought some lovely fresh Tuna and cooked it with an orange sauce.
    Served with those beautiful Jersey Benne and fresh asparagus stir fried with sugar snap peas. Not a late night though…. the morning was going to be a big one
    Trish had a stall at the West Otago A & P Show
    On Friday night we popped over and set the stall up. Very colourful.
    The stall was to promote Chisel. We sold Fresh Blueberry and Bran muffins. A mainstay at the cafe.
    The recipe from Tui, Trish’s Mum
    Tui’s Blueberry Bran Muffins
    Now this recipe makes about 40- 50 small muffins

    4 cups fine bran
    3 cups boiling water mix and stand

    250 butter
    3 cups sugar

    4 eggs 1 at a time
    Mix with each addition
    Add 1 rounded tablespoons golden syrup
    2 teaspoon cinnamon or mixed spice
    Mix together
    1 ½ cup anchor evaporated milk
    ½ cup water
    4 teaspoons vinegar
    Put all these components The bran, the butter mix and the liquid together

    Then add
    2 ½ cups plain flour
    2 ½ cups whole bran
    5 teaspoons baking soda
    2 teaspoons salt
    4 cups all bran

    Mix together
    Put in fridge
    Mixture could last at least a week
    When you are about to cook the muffins
    Probably you would cook a dozen at a time
    Take out about ¼ of the mixture

    Pop in 1 cup frozen blueberries

    Bake in lined muffin tins 15 minutes 200C check after 10 with skewer
    They freeze well.
    But our winner was Trishies "Chisel Special"
    Fresh squeezed juice.
    You need a juicer for this.
    Apple, pear, carrot, kiwi fruit, pineapple, orange and the piece de resistance fresh ginger.
    It was a slow start but by the afternoon as it got hot…people were lusting after our cold juice… we were flat out peeling and juicing.
    Bit of ice just beautiful
    I might just have to buy a juicer I think. Certainly a good way to get those daily five pieces of fruit into you..
    You would buy Juice from these two lovely ladies wouldn’t you?
    Next to us the girls were selling chicken and vege soup and fresh and tasty sandwiches

    We were in the health section, under cover…outside of course the Hot Chips and Hot Dogs were doing a roaring trade
    A few images from the show

    The feet were aching and we were tired but exhilarated after we loaded all the gear into the truck but Trish of course has everything. Home to the fab Spa Bath.
    Had fun learning to drive it. The foam rose over my head bit scary but it worked its magic and I felt good.
    Trishie still managed to cook us more home produce.

    Venison off the farm with asparagus a pasta.
    Watched the netball NZ plays Australia final of the World …Cup great game pity they lost but they gave their best.
    Sunday we took quietly…went into the shop.
    I updated the blog and Trishie tidied up…back for lunch.
    Homegrown and homemade venison sausages concocted by the man down the road
    for lunch - friends came over for dinner another meat fest
    A BBQ…more home grown meat and a bowl of fried shrimp along with potato gratin, mushrooms all washed down with litres of wine.
    Trish and Jim have this amazing table the top being made from a tree on her Mainholm property. The bottom made from an old wool press I think it was belonging to Jim’s Dad .It’s a great idea. Dale and Jim contemplating life after too much the table .
    Gazing down as you eat…Trishie’s Zoo
    And finally to farewell us the bag of shame. Filled right to the top with empty bottles.!!!
    In the morning we pumped vitamins into our ravaged bodies with "Chisel Special Fresh Juice" - then eggs on toast to soak up any remaining alcohol left in the system.
    Bye Tapanui
    It was fun

    I would award this establishment
    Enormous garden, spectacular view, good bed, good shower, great bath, Excellent entertainment. Not many people lay on an A & P Show for you.
    Thanks guys.