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    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    Braised Beef with Orange and Ginger - Winter is here

    Chef Michael Smith, (who originally had a show on the early days of The Living Channel with a show called “The Inn Chef”) is currently on “Food TV” with “Chef At Home”.
    He is basically using things from his fridge and pantry…albeit 10 times better stocked than the average person…anyway he has made some brilliant dishes and this one really had me licking my chops!

    He used the basics of Asian cooking which are sweet, sour, salty, aromatic and in the case of Thai and Szechuan cuisine…hot…

    There is no chili in this recipe but you could add a little sambal olek if you want the extra kick.

    i.e. Remember if you increase the quantities, don’t double the spices,
    it can be a disaster if you over-spice…
    I know I did it years ago and made the most dreadful chili…
    had to throw it all out, so have a taste before you put it in the oven,
    and add a little more if it needs it.

    With the advent of colder weather I am really looking forward to this kind of slow cooked comfort food. Expect more of these recipes in the near future

    So for 4 people take
    900 gms of topside or blade steak; look for marbling in the meat for extra flavour.
    Sea salt and freshly ground black Pepper
    1 tbs vegetable oil…I use rice bran oil

    Look at this lovely piece of Topside Steak

    Another tbs vegetable oil
    2 onions chopped
    2.5 piece of ginger finely chopped
    3 cloves garlic finely chopped
    1 heaped tsp Chinese 5 spice powder
    2 large orange juiced
    Beef stock about 300 mls
    4 tbs marmalade
    4 tbs soy sauce

    To serve
    Cooked basmati rice or any long grain rice
    Pkt baby spinach from the supermarket

    Don’t chop the meat leave it in big pieces it will all fall to pieces when cooked
    First dry the meat with a paper towel so that it browns nicely
    Season both sides with S & P, and brown in oil in hot pan. Remove and set aside.

    Add onions and ginger stir well and cook slowly till tender, add garlic, then Chinese 5
    spice powder
    , mix around well, then deglaze with the orange juice, soy sauce and marmalade. Return meat to pan (don’t waste any juices on the plate put them in too)…
    Now add enough beef stock to just cover the meat. Bring to a simmer cover tightly with a lid or foil…and then into a 145◦ oven.
    Below just waiting to come to the simmer, about the go for the nice long slow cook

    Cook slowly for about 2-3 hours till the meat is falling apart.

    Of course you can do this earlier and reheat when needed.

    To serve put couple of big spoonfuls of hot rice, a handful of baby spinach, (the heat from the rice and stew will wilt the spinach)… 
    then a good serving of the stew.

    This is so delicious, you can taste the spices...and the orange juice and marmalade add an extra touch.
    So So Simple

    I over catered, so with the leftovers, I made pies and
    Cooked up some yummy mashed potatoes
    Put the remainder of the stew into a foil container
    Topped with mashed potatoes and into the freezer it has gone

    Dinner for two on the next chilly night


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