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    Friday, June 23, 2006

    Salmon and Vedgetable Fish Cakes

    There is absolutely no reason why you can't use vege other than potato to make fish cakes. We have done it with kumara but this time I was using up vege in the fridge and it was delicious. Excellent if you are cutting down on carbs...well I did use a few breadcrumbs to help bind the mix.
    By the way, if you can, always use good bread to make crumbs.
    Anytime you have stale bread turn it into crumbs and stick them in the freezer in a plastic bag.
    Right now on with the cakes.

    1 carrot diced
    1 stick celery sliced
    1/2 small swede peeled and diced
    Wedge pumpkin peeled and diced
    1 red chili finely chopped
    1 shallot fine dice
    2 tbs chopped parsley
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    1 tin salmon drained and broken up
    1 egg
    Some breadcrumbs (optional)

    Vege oil for frying (I like to use rice bran oil)

    Wedges of lemon.

    Bring the vege to the boil and simmer till tender.
    Drain well and roughly mash.
    Add egg salmon and parsley and mix well. This is where you add the breadcrumbs if the mixture is a little too wet. This is entirely up to you,

    Shape into cakes with wet hands..if you have time stick them in the fridge to firm up a little but this is not necessary.

    In a hot pan add the cakes and fry in the oil till golden brown.
    You may need to turn the heat down a little once they get going to prevent burning.
    It seems to take about 4- 5 minutes each side.

    I think they only need a light squeeze of lemon juice to compliment them but use your favourite ketchup/relish if you wish.

    Not only fab but healthy as well.