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    Friday, July 28, 2006

    Supreme Cheese Cake

    How about trying this for an after dinner treat served with maybe some slices of fresh pear and some crackers.

    I saw this made by Bob Blumer The Surreal Gourmet and it is a little boomer.
    At left are the ingredienst very simple.

    I took
    2 brie cheeses (see if you can get the 11 cm size for best balance)
    1 Clue Castello cut in half horizontally lie the sides next to one another
    1 pkt raw pistachio nuts lightly toasted
    1 pkt marscapone cheese

    300 mls marsala wine
    3 tsp sugar

    Reserve about 10 pistachio and then whiz the rest up in the food processor.

    First make a simple syrup of the marsala and sugar.
    Simmer till reduced by half.
    Reserve about 20-30 gms of marscapone to make the little rosettes
    and add the syrup to the rest of the marscapone and stir well.

    To build

    One brie on the bottom then the Blue Castello then the other brie.

    Ice the cake with the marsala marscapone.
    Press the chopped nuts around the side.

    Make little rosettes with the reserved marscapone on top and pop a little pistachio on top.
    Voila not just a cheese cake but in fact a cheese gateau fit for a king.