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    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    Spicy Beef and Beetroot Salad

    For 4 people

    2 sirloin steaks excess (fat removed)
    3 tbs Olive oil
    2 teaspoons Moroccan spice mix

    Can baby beetroot drained and rinsed
    2 avocado peeled and chopped
    1 red onion finely sliced
    2 spring onions chopped
    Bunch of coriander leaves

    ½ cup extra virgin Olive oil
    Juice 1 orange
    Juice 1 lemon
    Juice 1 lime
    3 tbs honey
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    1 red chili finely chopped

    Mix together in a jar with a screw top lid

    Marinate red onion in 3 tbs of the dressing

    Rub steaks with Moroccan spices and marinate steaks in oil
    Leave to marinade 30 minutes
    Cook on hot grill till required doneness, basting with marinade at least once each side.
    Slice into cubes

    Meanwhile peel and slice avocado
    Chop spring onions
    Pull leaves off coriander about ½ cup
    Quarter drained and rinsed beetroot

    Combine all ingredients toss gently with dressing.
    You don't want to break up the avocado.
    Serve immediately

    Don’t put salad together till you are ready to serve as the beetroot runs and takes over.

    I have also made this with peeled raw prawns.

    Just rub toss the prawns in spice mix and oil
    Leave for about 30 minutes
    Cook on hot grill.
    Reserve a couple of prawns for garnishing each plate and chop the rest and mix amongst the other ingredients just like the beef.

    These are both winners.

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