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    Saturday, November 11, 2006

    Jellies for the Big Kids and for the Little Kids

    Emma and Bron of nihowera held a Mid Winter Christmas event.
    Couldn't think of anything nicer to add to the dessert trolly but these lovely jellies. Our little kids love them too.
    Have a look at their site.

    An Idea from Jamie Oliver
    It is summer berries locked in a beautiful jelly.
    Fresh are preferable but the frozen berries are fine
    Booze for the juice for the kids.

    For the Kids Jelly
    150 mls freshly squeezed Tangelo Juice
    1 tablespoons sugar
    3 teaspoons powdered gelatin or 4 leaves
    Apple juice
    Packet frozen mixed berries
    Or punnets of summer berries

    Warm the tangelo juice
    Add the gelatin and sugar
    Stir till dissolved
    Strain into measuring jug.
    You up to 500 mls with apple juice

    Fill the glasses with berries
    And pour jelly liquid over to the top.
    Into fridge till set.
    Bring back to room temperature to serve

    Top with fresh cream maybe a little shaved chocolate on top.

    Now for the Adults
    Follow the method above
    Replace the apple juice with your favourite Sparkling Wine.

    Isn’t this pretty


    Anali said...

    Oh yum!!! What a beautiful picture!!

    Emma said...

    Clever! I think this would make a great dessert to refresh your palate! Thanks so much for sharing it with us for the Mid-winter Feast. Look for the round up this weekend on

    So Simple said...

    Thanks the kids love them too.


    Thanks for picking these jellies for your mid winter Christmas menu.
    I made these today for the grandchildren they love them.