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    Monday, February 26, 2007

    Cheese and Walnut Spread

    It has been a while since I posted we have been summer traveling.
    All those stories and recipes are on my http:/
    I also noted that my very first blog was posted on Tuesday 28th February last year...1 whole year of blogging.
    But let's get onto food.

    This so incredibly simple and exceptionally tasty the brandy gives and added extra.
    We had it in Turkish pide bread with celery and lettuce on Sunday
    And made rye bread little triangles to watch the Oscars

    250 gms cream cheese
    70 gms soft blue cheese
    50 gms walnut chopped finely
    50 mls brandy
    Chives chopped

    Mix together cheeses and add brandy. Add nuts and chives.

    As easy as that.

    And I also made these delicious sausage rolls. Using little breakfast sausages which are a perfect fit for the pastry triangles. They were so so good. Dipped into a little ketchup! Hard to have only one.

    Here's how you make them
    Very simple
    Take a sheet of puff pastry.
    Cut in half vertically
    Then cut each rectangle into a triangle
    Clip the bottom edges as per the picture

    Lay the little sausage
    Dob with mustard
    Brush with egg wash
    Roll up
    Into a hot oven, they took about 20-25 minutes


    Asha said...

    Hello,welcome back!:))

    Walnuts and Brandy, eh? Very nice.Looks great.Hope you enjoyed the Oscars.

    Anali said...

    Good to "see" you again and Happy Blog Anniversary! Those sandwiches look really good!

    So Simple said...

    Yes the osacras were fun a little slow but who cares when you have good friends food and wine

    Yes the sandwiches are great the sausage rolls are pretty good too. Very easy but excellent