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    Sunday, September 30, 2007

    Chicken Curry Soup after a night with “War of the Worlds.”

    I forgot to mention that last week we went to see Steely Dan at the Arena Stadium down the hill.
    One of the perks of owning Music Channels you get complimentary tickets to shows that we promote.
    My friend Julia (a celebrant of some note….she hatches, matches and dispatches and is inundated with requests for all of these functions)...well she hates Steely Dan and she calls them Steely Boring.
    So you can understand we didn’t offer our complimentary tickets to her. She does love music though. Here she is accompanied by her husband Rex and our friend Stu in the middle at a little soiree at our house last year.
    Anyway I don’t think Steely Dan are boring, they conjure up wonderful memories for me of driving along Ventura Highway with my husband Dale on our first visit to LA (1976) a friend’s Black BMW with the just released "Royal Scam" album blaring out from the stereo.
    The band was excellent and they played a lot from Royal Scam. A great night for me.
    So off to the Vector Arena again this week...a trot down the hill for us and we along with thousands of others were there to see Jeff Wayne’s "War of the Worlds". Read this review to get the picture

    Photo from NZ Herald website.

    A stunning performance and production. They developed a hologram of Richard Burton… a young Richard Burton looking in fact like a young gorgeous Elvis. Anyway this talking handsome head was the narrator. That beautiful voice I could listen to it for ever. Lucky Liz Taylor. And she got diamonds too. It was a lovely balmy night our friends Elphie and Pete and Katie and Chris joined us for an early dinner at the Clubhouse (Portofino) a little Italian to give us the energy for the walk down the hill. An excellent night.

    Sunday wet and eating from the pantry.
    My husband hates chicken and pulled a face when I said the bubbling soup on the stove was chicken but that all changed he negotiated around the chicken and consumed 2 very large bowls of this delicious soup.
    Chicken and Vegetables with Japanese Curry

    It’s a keeperThe piece de resistance is the Japanese Curry Tablet…they are divine. A must for the pantry.

    1 onion sliced
    2 carrots grated
    2 stalks celery sliced
    2 chicken thighs with bone in
    1 kumara grated
    Olive oil
    Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper
    ½ pkt Golden Japanese curry paste about 200 gms Handful frozen corn
    Handful frozen peas
    1 large tomato chopped

    Saute onion carrots celery & kumara
    Season with a little sea salt & freshly ground black pepper
    Pop chicken on top

    Cover with water
    Bring to boil and simmer about 30 minutes

    Dissolve curry tablets in hot soup

    Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary

    Add corn and peas and tomato

    Simmer another 5-10 minutes
    Remove chicken…either save it for salad or sandwiches or in my case chicken on toast for breakfast

    Or you can shred it into the soup.

    This is excellent I will be making this again.


    John and JT said...

    All the food sounds great. Not sorry we missed Steely Dan as we don't have your memories from the Ventura Highway. Would loved to have seen War of the Worlds though. Have delayed our return by a week to Oct 15th.

    So Simple said...

    I know you are in Julia's camp with SD...War of the Worlds was fab
    See you in 2 weeks.