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    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    First night out Cajun Moon and tons of other boats spent the time in Rocky Bay Waiheke
    As it was Dale’s birthday we had a dozen Bluff Oysters to consume.

    I like them with pepper, squeeze lemon juice, sitting on a piece of buttered Vogels bread.
     The oysters this year are so fat and juicy hope they are still in season when we get home

    Some of our neighbours at dusk
    Now onto serious food.
    Mr Heinzie’s Coconut Chili Soup

    Making the most of leftovers
    After making the lovely Fish Dish with Coconut Rice I had leftover Coconut milk, Chicken Stock and some of the actual rice. Funny how one always seems to cook too much rice. Never mind, plenty of ideas to use it all up.

    So let’s go for the soup using the coconut milk and chicken stock plus vege from the fridge and pantry.
    My Friend Mr Heinz makes his own preserves and one of his inventions is a Coconut and Chili Relish. It has a real punch and I decided to use it as a curry paste, to flavour a vege soup.

    I onion sliced
    1 carrot sliced
    1 courgette sliced
    1 med kumara peeled and cut into rough chop
    1 tablespoon vege oil

    2 tablespoons Mr Heinzie’s Chili
    Chicken stock
    Coconut milk

    Sauté Onion in oil
    When soft add rest of vege and continue to sauté about 5 minutes or so
    Add Mr Heinzie’s Chili paste
    Toss around until, all covered
    Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper

    Cook for the flavours to meld
    Add chicken stock and coconut milk

    Bring to simmer and cook about 20 minutes
    Serve with chopped coriander.

    If you can’t get Mr Heinzie’s Chili Paste you can use your favourite red curry paste.

    So onto the Rice Cakes
    The Coconut Rice (click here for the recipe) is so delicious no point in letting it go to waste.

    There was about 1 1/2 cups of rice  leftover
    1 tablespoon vege oil
    Grate 2.5 cms ginger
    2 cloves garlic finely sliced
    1 chili finely sliced seeds and all
    2 tablespoons coriander stalk and roots
    Juice and zest of 1 lime
    1 tsp brown sugar
    2 tablespoons fish sauce
    1 can tuna drained
    1 egg

    Flour seasoned with salt and pepper

    Gently saute in oil, the ginger, chili, garlic for about 2-3 minutes
    Add coriander stalks and root
    Plus lime juice zest, sugar and fish sauce

    Add to rice
    Then tuna
    Mix and add egg

    Taste a little and if it is lacking in seasoning add a little salt.

    Leave to rest about 30 minutes
    Make into patties

    Dip in seasoned flour and cook till golden brown on each side.

    Serve with a sprig of coriander leaves and a wedge of lemon.

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