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    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    Hundertwasser Toilet, Kawakawa- Bay of Islands - Homemade Mince Pies

    There has been an enormous tragedy in New Zealand and our hearts go out to all in Canterbury. Christchurch City has enormous destruction from this mammoth earthquake and every New Zealander here and around the world is really feeling for our compatriots in the South Island.
    I have been at home for a week and I was glad I was, so that I could watch this tragedy unfold on television. But after a week it was time for me to go and join my husband on the boat.
    While I was away in Auckland he moved from the Whangaroa Harbour to the beautiful Bay of Islands.
    A sight for sore eyes. If you have never been to this part of the world. Put it on your Bucket List,

    On the drive up I stopped in Kawakawa for a coffee and relief stop. Kawakawa is the home of the famous

    Hundertwasser Toilet. We have passed through so many times but seeing as I had the need, I decided to spend my penny there. What an amazing place. read about it here

    Then of course after leaving Kawakawa, I reach Kerikeri, wonderful fresh Fruit and Vege at roadside stalls
    As I was leaving one of these stalls I heard the cooing of doves and there they were
    Wild doves all perched in the tree. Gorgeous
    Back on board it's back to cooking and I fancied some French Bread Rolls for lunch
    Thanks to Terry Thompson's Cajun Creole Cooking Book, I have a great recipe.
    Check it out here
    Crunchy crusts and a crumb full of holes.
    Stuffed full of of avocado, salami /smoked salmon, cheese and tomato.

    Been listening continually to the radio, as we hear the story of the tragedy of Christchurch, our second biggest city here in New Zealand

    People have been amazing, including supplying food to the poor people in Canterbury, who have no power, water or sewage. If I was able, I would be making pies to supply those in need.
    So I fed us instead. Bit hard to contribute food from a boat in the Bay of Islands.
    I thought I should make a basic Grandma style of mince.

    Mince and Mushroom Pie 
    1 packet Puff Pastry

    1 onion finely chopped
    250 gms minced beef
    Sea salt and Pepper
    2 tablespoons Flour
    1 cup Beef Stock
    Large dash of Worcestshire sauce
    Large dash Tomato ketchup

    2 tbs Vegetable oil
    200 gms mushrooms roughly chopped
    Sea salt and Pepper
    1 tablespoon dried oregano
    1 glass red wine

    In a pot saute chopped onion
    Add minced beef, season with Salt and pepper
    Fry till brown
    Add flour and stirring, cook it out
    Add beef stock, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce and simmer till it thickens

    Meanwhile in another hot pan add chopped mushrooms
    Saute quickly in oil
    Season with Salt, pepper and oregano
    Add wine and reduce
    When reduce add to mince cook for another 5-10 minutes
    Cool completely
    This mixture should be fairly thick for the pie

    Roll out pastry and line tins
    Fill with cold mince mixture and bake
    till golden brown
    Two for dinner tonight - two for tomorrow

    I quickly sauteed carrots, courgettes and celery in some butter. Seasoned and then added a little water. Let
    simmer till water is absorbed. Tender, tasty and great with a pie. Dale accompanied his with Homemade ketchup. I had mine naked. Both worked.

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