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    Saturday, February 25, 2012

    Corn and Tomato Soup - Nice use of Fresh Summer Produce- And Some Unexpected Kudos for our Countdown Supermarket

    Its a beautiful Summer's Day, they have been few and far between this year.
    You may think Soup? Is she having a laugh? but I can assure you this fresh light soup was just perfect for lunch today.
    I made a chicken salad for sandwiched the other day.
    And, what do you get when you poach Chicken?
    Why, Chicken Stock of course.

    I fossicked around in the fridge
    grabbed a few ingredients and quickly put together this delicious soup.
    I really like using Vegeta as a flavour booster.
    And when cooking tomatoes I always add a little sugar to balance to flavours

    1 tablespoon unsalted butter
    1 carrot grated
    1 red onion finely sliced
    2 medium tomatoes, cored and large chop
    1 tbs Vegeta or any good stock powder
    500 mls of homemade chicken stock
    1 tsp sugar

    2 cobs fresh Corn
    Little parsley for garnish

    I popped the corn into the microwave for 5 minutes
    Removed the silk and husks, then sliced off the kernels
    Set aside

    Meanwhile heat butter over med heat in a pot
    Add carrot and onion
    Gently saute till soft
    Add tomatoes and Vegeta and sugar
    Add chicken stock
    Taste and adjust seasoning, using sea salt and black pepper if needed

    Bring to boil and simmer for about 10 minutes
    Add corn kernels
    Simmer another 5 minutes
    That's enough
    This has a wonderful fresh taste.
    The corn is still crunchy, tomatoes, carrot and onion soft

    By the way the Chicken Salad was pretty good as well
    I lightly poached chicken thighs in water
    With the addition of carrot chunks, onion, celery. stalks of parsley
    Once again a tablespoon of Vegeta

    Best way for moist chicken...
    Bring everything to the boil.
    Simmer for about 5 minutes
    Turn heat off
    Cover and leave for at least 30 minutes.
    This should be enough for small, no skin, boneless thighs
    Remove the meat and chop
    Mix with some chopped cucumber, and spring onions and a little parsley

    Toss in Mayo
    I used a bought one.
    Best Foods is pretty good.
    I added some lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste
    Also for an added extra, a big teaspoon of a curry coconut paste, that my friend Heinzie made.
    This is so good.
    Unfortunately, I don't have a recipe for it. But it has such good flavour.
    The sandwiches were excellent.
    I had leftovers.
    Chicken Salad on Toast
    An added bonus.

    So "Waste Not, Want Not"
    Its not often I pour kudos onto our local supermarket.
    It is handy, a 2 minute drive and basically they suit me
    but I frequently make complaints.
    It's obvious when the big spenders, get their product on show and the particular brand, you would like gets either left off the shelf altogether... or placed so high you cant reach.
    But that aside,
    I have to mention their latest promotion in association, with Thomas from Rosenthal.
    The prize, if you collect enough stamps is a set of excellent knives

    It's like the olden stamps
    Collect enough and you get a prize.
    Of course I got sucked in, but was a little apprehensive.
    Anyhow...Last week, I had enough for my first knife.
    It is excellent. I am rapidly shopping to acquire another.

    Good work Countdown and Rosenthal


    Tony Rose said...

    The soup sounds great I am a big lover of soup, I'm glad to see that you use Vegeta it's my favourite flavouring. It's quite difficult to find in the UK but I have a place in my town where I can get it.

    So Simple said...

    Hi Tony, I first tasted it in Croatia 3 years ago . Brought some home as a treat then found out to my delight you can buy it at the supermarket. They also make chicken and beef stock powder and it is gluten free