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    Monday, April 09, 2012

    Tweed, Tea and Wellies

    Is Carolyn Managh going to do for Daylesford, what Peter Mayall did for Provence.
    Her delightful stories of this town in Victoria, just 1 hour north west of Melbourne are captivating.
    We will all want to move there.
    Experience the local art, coffee spas, eccentric local name it ... Daylesford has got it all. The byline of the book "A Haphazard and Colorful Guide to the Fabulousness of Daylesford, Australia" And that is exactly it. I thoroughly enjoyed this journal, based on Carolyn's day to day life.
    Having lived "The High Life", with a very successful marketing career in London,
    regular trips to France...etc She left and moved to join family in this charming town, where "The sun always shines".
    Carolyn's humor, has transformed this little country town to a place, I am dying to visit.
    Her trials and tribulations of waiting for her Prince to come are peppered with great little quotes,
     her Father for instance, "Have you forgotten what you do for a living? Start marketing yourself" or "Buy a lavender farm (in Cromwell, NZ)'ll meet lots of farmers"
    Carolyn herself, has a turn of phrase which had me chuckling all afternoon. e.g. "Being as new to Music, as Justin Bieber is to shaving" And there's more!
    Throughout, her love of fashion, food and sparkling beverages found me with my mouth watering. Not good for her waistline or mine if it comes to that.
    As much as I love my kindle on the iPad... there will always be a place for real books and this is one of them. Sit it on the coffee table, and flick through.
    No matter what page you turn to, there is a delightful little Carolyn tale.
    Wonderful photography, ably art directed, by her brother Gerry. A little treasure.
    Plus, I see we have a shared love of VW Golf Cabriolets.
    She fabulously drove hers around France. Mine only traveled around New Zealand.
    Well c'est la vie. Get your copy now. Easily Available online @ You won't regret it. 3 Pink Chairs Carolyn


    Johanna GGG said...

    oh I love daylesford - it has lots of interesting places to eat and quirky gift shops - I must hunt out this book - and just saw a recent post about the place which made me feel the need for a visit there soon

    So Simple said...

    I know Johanna Carolyn has picked a great place to live