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    Tuesday, June 18, 2013

    Taking On Jamie -Dish 3 - Sizzling Beef

    So back on track, Taking On Jamie.
    An Asian style dish. Great flavours and we did this one in just over 15 minutes
    As usual I got everything ready. All utensils and ingredients lined up and Pans on stove
    Plus a jug of boiling water ready to cook the Noodles
    Be aware All this preparation actually adds 5 minutes or so to the time
    But we did well I think
    My Grandson Joseph loved it, in fact it has been requested for Grandma's Dinner next week
    For 4 people

    Handful cashews
    Same amount of sesame seeds
    2 pieces Sirloin steak, fat removed for speed
    Salt and Pepper
    2 tablespoons 5 spice powder
    Sesame oil

    250 gms mushrooms, broken up

    Egg noodles, 4 nests
    1 red chili chopped
    Thumb size piece of peeled ginger, chopped
    1/2 bunch coriander

    100 gms fresh prawns peeled and tailed
    2 cloves garlic peeled and fine chopped

    Bean sprouts

    3 Heaped tablespoons Hoisin Sauce
    2 tablespoons Soy Sauce

    Juice of a lime

    Crunchy Lettuce leaves
    Couple of Radishes
    Some slices of cucumber
    Coriander leaves for garnish

    Everybody ready
    Get Set
    Add a little Sesame oil to a hot pan
    Add nuts and seeds and toss around and let toast for 2-3 minutes
    Place steak on board
    Season S & P and 5 spice  both sides
    Rub around the board to pick up any spare seasoning

    Little Sesame oil into another hot pan
    Add steak

    2 minutes
    Break up mushrooms and add to steak pan
    Cook another 2 minutes and remove steak from pan and set aside

    Remove nuts and set aside

    Meanwhile lets get onto the Noodles
    First make the base for the noodles
    Add the chili, ginger and coriander to the food processor and whiz
    till makes a nice paste
    Add noodles to a pot and cover with boiling water
    Simmer for 2-3 minutes till they are soft

    Take steaks out, leave mushrooms to continue cooking

    In the pan you used for the nuts
    Add a little more Sesame Oil
    Add blitzed sauce
    Shake about
    Throw in the Prawns
    Add couple cloves chopped garlic for added flavour

    Add Bean sprouts
    Then the real Asian flavour
    Hoisin sauce 
    Soy sauce

    Toss around

    Squeeze over Juice of the lime
    Pick off some Coriander leaves from your garnish and add

    Drag the noodles out of the water and place into sauce
    Toss well

    Distribute into serving bowls
    Now just add the crunchy salad ingredients

    Sprinkle mushrooms on top

    Slice the steak and add
    Pop the toasted nuts on top
    Have some lime wedges and chopped chilli for people to add
    There ya go 

    Here's Jamie's Version Mine looking pretty good I reckon

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