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    Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    Decadent Date and Ginger Chocolate Slice - Divine

    I remember when as a kid we made homemade chocolate, which consisted of melting Kremalta
    (vegetable shortening) with cocoa and sugar
    Mix with Rice Bubbles and you got Chocolate Crackles

    Children's Dream

    My friend Elsje gave me this recipe... I'm not sure where it came from, but I just had to share it

    So here is a grown up version. Absolutely Decadent,
    Flavoured with soft date and ginger
    Crunchy with the cornflakes
    Instead of Cocoa and sugar you use the best Drinking Chocolate
    That makes the most delightful Chocolate Topping
    You must make this.

    The Base
    155 gm pitted dates sliced
    125 gm unsalted butter
    1/3 cup sugar
    60 gm preserved ginger chopped
    3 cups cornflakes

    Line a Swiss roll tin with baking paper

    Add to a saucepan
    Dates, butter, sugar and chopped ginger  in saucepan ,
    Stir over low heat until dates soft
    Add cornflakes
    Press into prepared tin

    Chocolate Topping
    240 gm Kremelta
    2 cups Best Drinking Chocolate Powder

    Melt Kremelta over low heat 
    Add Drinking Chocolate
    Turn into bowl

    Place in Fridge until it reaches soft spreading consistency .

    Tidy up the edges.
    Cooks treat!
    Cut into squares

    I made this for an afternnon tea that I was invited to
    out int he country

    What a spread, Just a close up of my contribution

    One piece should be enough as it is so rich
    But I have forced down 2 pieces and I wasn't sick!!!
    Just Divine

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