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    Wednesday, August 06, 2014

    I have discovered the Best Hamburger Patty

    I have discovered the Best Hamburger Patty
    The photo doesn't really do it justice
    But you get the idea

    I used a technique that I've gleaned from watching Food TV

    This involves, adding vegetables, finely chopped, to the Hamburger Mince
    It was moist, so tasty and we loved it
    It's a good way to get some vege into kids, without them knowing

    I made my own buns
    Treated like a bap so that they were a soft roll
    But of course use bought ones, if you cant be bothered
    For the recipe click here

    I stirred some grated tasty cheese into my delicious Chili Mayo
    Homemade as well.
    I have been using the vinegar from pickled gherkins. when I make the Mayo
    Then I added some Sriracha Sauce to get the Chili Hit
    This makes a Mayo that really tickles your taste buds

    I didn’t bother to add any accompaniments, but if you were doing this for guests...
    You could make some chips then maybe add some beetroot and lettuce to the finished burger

    But with the addition of mushrooms, red pepper and onion to the mince
    You had your vege content, all inclusive
    I like using Vegeta for seasoning it really does add that extra oomph

    Put 500 gms Minced beef
    into a large bowl

    1 Onion  roughly chopped
    4 large mushrooms roughly chopped
    1/2 red pepper roughly chopped
    All into food processor
    Whizz till it’s almost a paste

    Sauté  the vege gently in olive oil just to soften
    Remove and cool them
    Add to mince which has been seasoned with Vegeta

    Form into Patties
    Season with Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Lightly brush with olive oil
    Grill on a hot pan about 3 minutes each side

    Let rest for a few minutes
    Meanwhile toast your buns lightly
    On bottom lay a good blob of Mayo and Cheese
    Put the patty on Top
    Tomato ketchup on top half
    Jam together


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