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    Saturday, September 13, 2014

    Excellent Brunch Idea - Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms in a Toasted Bread Basket

    Been watching a bit of Jacques Pepin lately, he gave me an idea, which I have just cooked for our dinner. Jacques put a bit more effort into his mushrooms, but we liked these.
    Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms in a Toasted Bread Basket

    Would make a great brunch recipe.

    Because the bread case required real bread, I especially made a loaf from my blog. A recipe that I stole from Michel Roux Jr
    Sensational bread you can find out how to make it here
    This is seriously very easy and if I can do you can

    So you need for 2 people
    2 slices Day old bread
    4 Eggs
    2tbs milk
    100 gms Mushrooms sliced
    Slosh of White wine
    Clove of garlic peeled and squashed

    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Spring onion tops, chopped for garnish

    It's up to you how much butter and oil you use
    So I haven't  specified amounts

    Slice the bread into 1 inch/ 2.5 cm pieces
    Cut off the crusts
    Cut about 1cm inside the slice
    Carefully remove the crumb so you are left with a little square basket

    Melt approx 1 tsp butter per slice of bread, with the garlic
    Remove the garlic and set aside
    Brush the slice with the garlic butter
    All over and place on an oven tray

    Pre-heat the oven to 200c
    Bake the buttered basket
    for 7 minutes
    Remove and set aside

    Meanwhile add a dob of butter and the same amount of oil into a hot pan
    Add sliced mushrooms
    Season with S&P

    Toss around quickly
    Till they start to brown
    Slosh in a little white wine,

    Cook quickly till liquid absorbed
    Set aside

    Now quickly beat your eggs with the milk
    Season with S&P
    Scramble in a medium hot pan in melted butter

    Place bread case on plate'
    Fill with scrambled eggs
    Dress with mushrooms and garnish with spring onion tops
    or parsley if you'd rather


    This would be great for a crowd
    Prepare the bread case, butter them
    Set aside, till ready to cook

    Cook the mushroom
    Set aside
    At the last minute
    Cook the cases
    Reheat the mushrooms

    Cook the eggs

    Would go well with a Mimosa

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