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    Wednesday, February 04, 2015

    Perfect Raspberry Sorbet - So Simple

    Raspberry or Strawberry Sorbet

    I saw this simple Sorbet, on an Australian Cooking Programme, with Justine Schofield
    She was a MasterChef Finalist, in Series One
    She actually made this with frozen Raspberries, or you could use fresh in season

    So so simple
    I just had to make it
    After a wonderful celebration lunch, that we held at home last week.
    I found a couple of punnets of leftover Strawberries, in the bottom of my fridge.
    Just to the point of going off.
    One bonus of that, is, they were really sweet
    What a great way to use them up, perfect for the kids dinner tonight.
    So I made Sorbet
    No need for ice cream machine
    Just a food processor or blender and a freezer

    100 gms caster sugar
    100 mls water
    2-3 drops lemon juice

    Dissolve over med heat
    Bring to slow simmer and
    Bubble away for about 5 minutes
    Just to reduce a little

    600 gms raspberries/strawberries

    If using strawberries remove stalks

    Pop into food processor
    Blitz till fine purée
    Strain through a sieve into a bowl
    To get out the seeds
    Add sugar syrup
    Back into food processor
    Blitz again till smooth
    In to a tray and freeze

    Remove from freezer
    Break up and back into food processor

    Separate out 1 egg white
    Start processor and add egg white to raspberry ice
    straight away
    Blitz till smooth

    This took about 2-3 minutes
    Every so often scrape down the sides till homogenised

    Into plastic container with lid
    Refreeze then it’s ready to eat

    Going to serve it with Little tarts, filled with Chocolate Ganache

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