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    Sunday, May 10, 2015

    Stretching Your Dollar - Simple Fish Pie - Don’t Waste Food

    We entertained last night and I over catered a little.

    I peeled too many potatoes, chopped too much parsley. Our friend George, brought up freshly caught Trevally which I cut into Sashimi pieces.
    It was delicious, so so fresh, we just dipped into soy sauce.
    There was quite a lot, so I quickly put the overs in the fridge.
    Now, a day older, I decided I should do something else with it.
    What quickly came to mind. Fish, Potatoes?
    How about a fish pie for dinner tonight?

    I constructed a Bechamel Sauce, popped in the chopped Parsley
    The zest and juice of 1/2 lemon
    Next I added the fish
    Find a nice little pie plate to cook in

    Meanwhile I brought the potatoes to the boil, added some hot milk mashed them up
    Beat it some cold butter

    Spread it over the top
    Ready to go into the oven

    Dinner done
    That's tonight sorted

    Tomorrow night the actual leftovers : Lamb, Tomato and Potato Bake with Leeks and Peas
    Tastes a lot better that it looks
    Before we cut into it. Very tasty. tender lamb

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