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    Tuesday, October 04, 2016

    Using Leftover Roast Chicken - Chicken Pasta BakeWaste Not Want Not

    I'm not trying to preach here but I do hate wasting food. Virtually everything I bought to make the dinner last weekend has been either eaten up or used. want to have a look...just click here 
    So I made a Roast Chicken with  Provencal Flavours, accompanied by a Julia Child recipe for Provencal Potatoes.
    I did rather over cater on the chicken, so there were left overs, In the aforementioned post, I have written what I did with the mix pictured below
    So I gave it some thought and decided that it would make a great sauce for a Pasta Bake

    Another thing I hate to waste is the trimming after you have seeded tomatoes
    just a glimpse on the left
    This was required for the Potato Dish
    Putt all the trimmings into a sieve and squash them, you get some lovely tomato water.
    Good for Bloody Marys by the way, or as in this case, I added it to the Chicken mix
    Bit of extra flavour. The other addition was the leftover rocket.
    Add a little green to your dish...not only pretty but also tasty
    So in big pot of boiling, well salted water, add Pasta, I used a mix of shells and Fusilli
    Meanwhile in another large pan heat the chicken mix
    When the pasta is cooked (till al dente) remove from the pan, tip into the Chicken, keep some of the Pasta water and add to the mix if it is too think.
    Into casserole dish the pop the rocket on top
    Mix it together, it does look so so good
    Then top with some breadcrumbs and grated cheese
    Dinner sorted, there was enough to put in the freezer for a later date
    Talk about economical

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