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    Saturday, November 19, 2016

    Celery and Blue Cheese Toasts - Substantial Nibbles to have with Drinks

    Celery goes so well with Blue Cheese
    So let’s take advantage of this pairing, to make some little delights to have with drinks
    So so simple…I got the idea from The New York Times Cooking Web site
    and of course as usual have adapted it to my taste buds

    Generally most people have the ingredients in the fridge or pantry
    Their recipe called for buttered toast
    Cover with a slice of Blue Cheese and top with a celery salad
    If you use Castello Blue Cheese, as I did, I don't think there is any need for butter
    It is quite a mild, creamy blue cheese,
    That's enough
    Ingredients I haven't put quantities, I think you can work that out

    Bread for Toasting
    Castello Blue Cheese mashed for spreading
    Celery Stalks
    Spring onions

    French Dressing
    Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper
    Then just finely slice a stalk of celery
    Plus a spring onion finely sliced
    Sprinkle with Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Black pepper
    a tablespoon of French Dressing
    Don't dress the salad till you are nearly ready
    Want the vegetables to remain crisp
    I used Vogel’s Bread… the thin sliced

    Toast the bread and let cool in a toast rack so that it stays crisp
    Or lean it up against something while it cools, to let the steam out
    When you are ready to serve
    Spread the toast with a thick layer of blue cheese
    Spoon over the Celery Salad
    Cut into portions
    And watch them disappear

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