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    Wednesday, September 06, 2017

    Best Ever Orange Dessert x Two

    It's always nice to have a different fresh dessert
    Ray McVinnie posted this recipe....If it's good enough for Ray! etc

    It went down a real treat
    The icing on the cake is ab acidulated Orange Blossom Cream
    That is such a wonderful asset, I reckon i would make it a regular occurrence
    The following week, I was looking for a Sugar and Gluten Free Dessert
    This is similar
    It was in Bon Appetif
    And I think it is even better, it has a yummy crumble topping

    Take your pick
    Both work

    The Gorgeous Freeze Dried Raspberries are not available everywhere
    In Auckland... Farro Fresh , don't know about elsewhere
    They are not compulsory

     Ray's Orange Dessert
    Ensalada de Naranjas- Orange Salad
    Orange and Dates with Orange Blossom "Acidulated" Cream                       
    300ml cream
    Juice of 1 lemon
    1 tablespoon orange flower water
    5-6 New Zealand oranges, peeled with a sharp knife so there is no pith, sliced 1cm thick horizontally
    4 tablespoons caster sugar
    8 fresh dates, stoned and quartered
    ½ cup fresh or freeze dried berries (optional)

    Put the cream into a small bowl and
    Add the orange flower water and the lemon juice.
    Do not stir, just set aside for 20 minutes, then stir slowly and the cream will thicken.
    Cover and place in the fridge.
    This is the acidulated cream, and it is just perfect with the oranges
    Place the orange slices on a shallow serving platter and
    sprinkle the sugar evenly over them.
    Sprinkle the date quarters evenly on top.
    Place in the fridge, covered, to chill.
    When it is time to serve, spoon the acidulated cream over the oranges and dates and sprinkle the berries, if using, over everything.

    Now the next Version
    Marinated Oranges With Nutty Crumble
    I have stolen ideas from the  first
    i.e The Dates and The Freeze Dried Raspberries
    ¼ cup coconut sugar
    2 teaspoons virgin coconut oil, melted
    ¼ teaspoon kosher salt
    ¼ cup raw pistachios
    ¼ cup sliced almonds
     2 tablespoons raw pumpkin seeds (pepitas)
     ½ cup unsweetened coconut flakes
     1 orange person and one xtra
    Fresh Dates quatered and stoned 
    Freeze Dried Raspberries

    Preheat oven to 140C
    Whisk coconut sugar and 1 Tbsp. water in a small bowl until sugar is dissolved
    (this might take a couple minutes).
    Set aside 1 Tbsp. coconut syrup.

    Add coconut oil and salt to remaining syrup and stir to combine.
    Toss pistachios, almonds, pepitas, and coconut oil mixture on a parchment- or silpat-lined rimmed baking sheet.
    Fold in coconut flakes.
    Bake crumble, stirring occasionally, until golden brown, 22–28 minutes.
    Let cool.
    Remove peel and pith from citrus and slice into rounds.
    Drizzle with reserved 1 Tbsp. coconut syrup
    Cover with Dates and Crumble
    and sprinkle Raspberry Powder over the Top

    Serve drizzled with the Orange Blossom Cream

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