Monday, July 02, 2012

Bestest Easiest Vegie Soup for a Miserable Day

This has to be the most miserable day of the Winter so far.
Second day of the school holidays, thank God we did the Amusement Park yesterday.
So I had to make soup for lunch

This is so easy and quick and Sophia, Dale and I have wolfed down a couple of bowls each

2 tablespoons olive oil
1 onion sliced
2 stalks celery sliced
8 medium carrots sliced
1/4 cabbage chopped
Vegeta 1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon chili flakes

Heat olive oil in a soup pot
Add onions
Add celery and carrots
Season with Vegeta (you can use Salt and Pepper but I love Vegeta)
Stir and saute for another few minutes
Add cabbage and chili flakes
Cover with water and bring to boil
Simmer till vege are tender (about 30 minutes)

Put most of the vege into a blender with some extra water
Leave some behind for texture
Back into pot
Bring back to boil

I served it with Garlic Pita Bread
Now we are warm and toasty
Meanwhile here is our fun from yesterday

A Cousins Outing. Claudia is up from Christchurch.
Everyone wanted a trip to Rainbow's End
 And would you believe it is cheaper to take me, than nearly 5 year old Cleo
Katie and Cleo in the front carriage of The Gold Rush
The Invader, Katie was brave enough to do this, Sophia and I Sat it out. Cleo not tall enough
But, I did do the CorkScrew Roller Coaster for the First and Last time
The some fun rides for Miss Cleo
She had to do the Free Fall twice.

Joseph meanwhile, did the real one, twice...he's mad

So we lined up for the pirate ship
It was fun but once was enough for me

The kids wanted to go again, so Katie was talked into that as Miss Cleo wanted to go again as well.. She wasn't happy
She might look it, but she wasn't

Katie and Joseph went off to do the Power Surge, the worst ride at the Park.
Meanwhile, we did the Gold Rush again

Then a final Log Flume

Dodgems, Ice creams then home.
A Great day.

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