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    Friday, July 06, 2012

    Announcing the July Monthly Mingle- A Taste of Yellow for Barbara Harris

    I always loved cooking and like many, owned countless cookbooks.
    Bought the Magazines.
    Just loved spending time on the Kitchen.
    Then we got Nigella, Jamie, Hugh, Gordon, Emeril, Bobby, Tyler, Ina et al taking over our screens.
    To be able to watch Great Chefs and excellent Home Cooks prepare food, was an even greater inspiration. So I watched and I cooked.
    Really want to share these recipes with friends, what better way but to start a food blogs and I did.
    My friend Jacqui had a friend who was “kinda into blogging “ as well
    “Why don’t we meet and have lunch”
    This friend was Barbara Harris, the “kinda into blogging” of course, was the ultimate understatement.
    She had already got her Hay Hay It’s Donna Event, up and running.
    Very popular.
    We got on like a house on fire and kept in regular contact.
    Sadly for me, she and her husband Bryan decided to move back to Australia.
    Queensland in fact.
    A much warmer climate than Auckland
    When she started the "Taste of Yellow" Event, I was only too happy to be part of an event, that highlighted the work being done by Cancer Research.
    Barbara was a Cancer Survivor, and she was so impressed with Lance Armstrong and his battle,
    so she scheduled the event around Livestrong Day.
    Unfortunately, Barbara’s Cancer returned and she was about to embark on yet more treatment.
    So she went through the agony and somehow continued to live an active life.
    Meanwhile, contributing so much to Food Bloggers, from around the world.
    She was warm and genuinely interested in everyone’s lives.
    We are all very fortunate to have had her as a friend.

    Two years ago, she ran the event, based around Le Tour de France,
    A group of bloggers were given a pit stop town each, to research and make food from the region.
    I was thrilled to be a part of this project,
    This is the link to Barbara's Event, click here  to view

    As it turns out Le Tour de France has just started. She loved it.
    That in itself is like Karma…now we are about to celebrate Barbara’s life
     The Blogging Community is going to run a Taste of Yellow Event through Meeta’s Monthly Mingle 

    Jeanne of Cook Sister is the host.
    Go to Jeanne's blog Cook Sister
    All the instructions of how to enter are in her announcement.

    This will make a fabulous Tribute to a Wonderful Woman, who will be much missed by her Family, Friends and the Blogging World

    Barbara if you are looking down…This is for you.

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