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    Thursday, July 19, 2012

    A Taste Of Yellow - Tropical Fruit Crumble - Squash Soup With A Kick

    A friend, Barbara Harris of Winos and Foodies, unfortunately lost her long battle with Cancer in June.

    We met through a mutual friend Jacqui and discovered that we were both in love with Food.
    Cooking it, eating it, sharing it with Family and Friends.
    Unfortunately, Barbara moved away to warmer climes, but we kept up correspondence.
    Don't you love the Internet.
    We also kept up with our lives through our mutual love of Blogging
    Barbara, over the last few years has run a blogging event called a "Taste Of Yellow" tied in with LiveStrong Day. Barbara was a Great admirer of Lance Armstrong.
    She also loved Le Tour de France.
    This was also her chance to help Fund raise and raise awareness for Cancer Research.
    Getting together Bloggers, from all over the World, to post Yellow Food

    We felt that a memorial to Barbara should be held.
    I contacted Meeta of Whats for Lunch Honey
    She runs another Blogging Event called Monthly Mingle and it's timing couldn't be better.

    This time it is being hosted by Jeanne of Cook Sister
    I thought I would share some yellow food with you
    First a Tropical Fruit Crumble

    This crumble topping idea, was given to me by my daughter Katie.
    It is so simple, got lots of crunch and perfect to cover any fruit.
    Why not move away from apple and bring a little touch of Summer into our cold wintery lives.
    After all it is Summer somewhere.
    As luck with have it, they had a special on Pineapple and also Mangoes at my supermarket.
    I'm quite happy buying these fruits out of season, as we don't grow them in this country anyway.
    Passion fruit or Papaya would be good in this Fruit Salad. they are outside of my Budget at the moment.
    The bonus, is the combination of the coconut, in the crumble, with the pineapple
    When topped with cream, you could almost be drinking a Pina Colada

    To feed 4 people
    You will need
    1 pineapple, peeled and cubed
    1 mango, peeled and cubed

    2 tablespoons brown sugar
    2 tablespoons butter
    Zest and juice of 1 orange
    1/4 cup water

    For the Crumble ( this is enough for 8, freeze the bit you don't need)

    1 cup plain flour 
    3/4 cup (packed) dark brown sugar 
    3/4 cup rolled oats 
    3/4 cup coconut 
    1 tbsp cinnamon (ground) 
    2 tsp nutmeg (ground) 
    2/3 cup butter (melted) 
    2 tsp vanilla essence 

    Add  all of the dry ingredients into a bowl
    Melt the butter
    Mix together
    Set aside

    Place the prepared fruit into a gratin dish
    Sprinkle brown sugar and orange zest over the top
    Dot with butter
    Pour over the orange juice and water

    Into a 190C oven for about 25 minutes
    A syrup will be formed
    Remove from oven

    Sprinkle Crumble over the top
    Once again into 180C oven for 30 minutes

    Serve with Whipped Cream, Creme Fraiche or maybe even Greek Yogurt

    Staying on the Yellow theme...
    I made a simple dinner last night

    Rib Eye Steak, Squash and Brussels Sprouts
    I roasted the vege
    I really like the skin on the Buttercup Squash, (some call it Supermarket Squash)
    It's nutty and the flesh is quite dry. I prefer it to Pumpkin

    Cut the Squash into wedges
    Just toss in Sea salt and Black pepper
    Drizzle over some Olive oil

    Into a 180C for about 40 minutes
    Meanwhile prepare the Brussels Sprouts
    Trim the ends and remove any damaged leaves
    Blanch in boiling salted water, for about 2 minutes
    Toss in a little olive oil and season with salt and pepper

    When the squash is almost cooked (after 40 minutes)
    Throw in the Brussels Sprouts and roast for about another 20 minutes

    I took the Steak out of the fridge earlier, to bring to room temperature
    Seasoned with Sea salt and Black pepper
    Drizzle over a little olive oil

    Heat your pan till Smokin'
    Add Steak
    Cook about 3 minutes, first side
    This should give a lovely crust
    Turn and cook about just another 2 minutes
    This should give you a nice med-rare steak
    Remove and place on a plate
    Add a little water (just a couple of tablespoons) to the hot pan, to deglaze it
    Scrape up the brown bits and bring back to the boil
    Pour over the steak and let rest for about 4 minutes
    Slice and serve.
    It was so yummy and enormously filling
    Good meal, if you are avoiding Carbs.

    So I had cooked too much squash, of course I made soup for lunch

    2 Tablespoons  Olive oil
    1 onion chopped
    1 carrot grated
    1 tablespoon shredded coconut
    Sea Salt and Pepper
    2 teaspoons Thai Curry paste
    1 litre Chicken stock
    Left over Squash 
    (About 1/4 medium squash cut into large cubes)
    1 tablespoon fish sauce
    1 heaped teaspoon brown sugar
    Zest of 1 lime
    Juice 1/2 medium lime

    Gently saute onion in olive oil
    Add carrot and coconut
    Season with S & P
    Add curry paste 
    Saute another 3-4 minutes
    Add chicken stock and top up with water to make sure all vege are well covered
    Bring to boil then simmer about 25 minutes
    Add squash,
    Then Fish sauce and sugar and lime zest
    Cook another 15 minutes
    Add lime juice
    Taste, check for seasoning and adjust if necessary

    So Barbara if you are looking down, lots of yellow food for you
    xxx Gilli


    Jeanne said...

    A beautiful tribute, Gillian. And a wonderful recipe too - I would not have thought to use pineapple in a crumble! But I am pretty sure Barbara would have loved it. Thank you so much for inspiring us to use this month's Mingle to pay tribute to Barbara, and for taking part. Hugs!

    So So Simple said...

    Thanks Jeanne
    So nice to do something for her

    Anonymous said...

    I love your crumble! I will have to try it! Love your squash dinner, too! Lovely post!

    So So Simple said...

    It was delicious Paz