Monday, February 04, 2013

A New Take on Eggs and Chips -Using The Fridge and The Pantry

I love Eggs and Chips.
When we lived in UK in the 60's, every respectable little Caffe and even those not so respectable, served Eggs and Chips
Every so often, I would treat myself and go to the Caffe under the railway bridge in Isleworth.
(Just up the road from my work) for  "Cheap as Chips" lunch...  only 1 shilling, (10 cents)
2 eggs and chips
They were so, so good
The Brits excelled at that  kind of food then.
Nothing like a fry up...
It's still on my list of quick and easy meals
Now days I oven bake the chips and poach the eggs.
Bit more healthy.

This last weekend we went away
On our return, I noticed that there was not much food in the house
I couldn't be bothered going to the shops

So let's check on food available
In the fridge were Eggs, Cheese and Spring Onions
In the pantry, New Potatoes, Olive oil, Sriracha Hot Sauce, Salt and Pepper
I'm sure I can do something simple with those ingredients
Of course
Eggs and Chips
But new potatoes, don't exactly "Good Chips Make"!

What about Crushed Roast Potatoes
Crack some eggs on top
Smother with grated cheese mixed with some spring onions
For extra flavour a drizzle of Sriracha Hot Sauce
I love this Hot sauce, packs a little punch and also packs
great flavour...perfect for the topping

For 2 people
About 12 little gourmet potatoes
2 tablespoons olive oil
4 eggs
About 10 grates of cheddar cheese
2 spring onions chopped

Bring the potatoes to the boil and cook till just fork tender
Meanwhile heat oven to 190C
Put a pan in the oven till hot
Add olive oil and potatoes being careful to cover handle
so you don't burn your little fingers

With a masher
Squash down the potatoes
Season with SP
Back into oven for about 20 minutes
The potatoes should be golden

Break eggs in a little ramekin and drop on top of potatoes

Cover with grated cheese and chopped spring onions
Back into oven about 6 minutes, till eggs just cooked

Drizzle Sriracha over the top
Big grind of black pepper

Fit for a King

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