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    Saturday, August 04, 2007

    Chicken to Frittata to Banana Cake. mmm!!!!!!

    Sophia our nearly 10 year granddaughter rang to ask if she could interview me for her ‘Rich Task’ homework. “Is Life Easier for Children today than in The Olden Days”?
    This was related to chores. Now bring the rather spoilt youngest child of older parents (siblings in their 20’s when I was born)… chores were not heavy on the list of things I had to do on a day. I even got out of the dishes by slotting in piano practice at that time. But of course I did make my bed and of course there was no problem getting me to do anything regarding food. I had to slightly stretch the truth for the amount of work I did.
    Anyway she observed that really nothing much has changed in the chore line except for the equipment.
    When I was 10 we didn’t have a washing machine or dryer. No fridge or vacuum cleaner.
    I may not have done much but my Mother was pretty busy.
    Sophia’s next interview will be with her other Grandma Lucy who was brought up in the country. A different kettle of fish from my easy life.

    Sophia thought she could come over for lunch and we could conduct the interview whilst a delicious lunch was being prepared.It was a good idea. During the week I had seen on Huey’s Cooking Adventures an interesting banana cake. Highly recommended for a 10 year old to make.
    We loved it, ate it warm with a drizzle of caramel sauce.
    Heat oven to 170C
    Grease and flour a 23cm baking tin

    1 ¾ cups self raising flour sifted
    Pinch salt
    1 cup caster sugar
    ¼ cup brown sugar

    1 cup mashed bananas (3 large ripe bananas)

    ¾ cup sour cream
    3 eggs lightly beaten
    125 gms melted unsalted butter

    Mix the dry ingredients together

    In another bowl mix together the wet ingredients
    Whisk lightly to blend these

    Pour dry into wet ingredients and just mix till blended.
    It is quite a wet batter
    Pour into prepared tin

    Bake 30- 40 minutes till a skewer poked in comes out clean.

    So for the rest of our meal first we had Jamie’s Caesar Salad

    Sophia made the dressing.

    For the second course we made a
    Spanish Tortilla
    Sophia cracked the eggs and beat them.
    I sliced the potatoes and onions and cooked it.
    This is so easy.
    I like poaching the potatoes and onions in olive oil.
    This takes about 15-20 minutes and the flavour is superb

    So for 3 -4 people
    2 med potatoes peeled & sliced thinly
    1 onion peeled and sliced thinly
    1-2 cups olive oil (you don’t need extra virgin olive oil)

    8 eggs
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    Beat the eggs with the seasoning
    Heat oven to 200C
    You need a pan that will go into the oven

    Heat the oil to medium heat
    Don’t let the oil get too hot we are poaching not frying.
    Add the potatoes and onions
    Make sure they are submerged

    Poach until tender about 15 minutes
    Drain and add to eggs.

    Put pan back onto stove and pump up the heat
    You don’t need to add any oil the pan is pretty well oiled.
    Add egg mixture

    Let bottom brown, lifting at the edges like cooking an omelet.

    As it starts to set place in oven
    Should take about 8-10 minutes.
    It will have puffed up and be a nice golden brown colour.

    Our family love to have Grandma’s Tomato sauce on the side
    Amazingly enough there was enough cake leftover for Sophia to take home unfortunately not for her brother Joseph "The Little Prince"...he is allergic to eggs and can't eat this cake but here he is having his eyes tested. Cute yes!

    and also a little package for the new baby Cleo’s family.
    Below Cleo and her big sister Mia...already the little one is adoring her big sister...I love this shot.

    Photos and Title courtesy of Sophia.


    katiez said...

    Perfect lunch - and what a fun interview! It will be interesting to see the final piece.

    Asha said...

    Great array of food,yum!:)

    So Simple said...

    I love the fact that she is so interested in food. I would like to see what she wrote as well.

    Thank you it was a good mix

    Jim said...

    Just remember: banana cake, like carrot cake, is technically healthy because it is made with something healthy. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

    So Simple said...

    Jim I'm with you not anything low fat or low sugar in sight.