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    Wednesday, August 01, 2007

    Mr Heinzie's Marmalade

    I am on a roll with the bread. I had run out of Italian 00 flour so I thought I would try plain bread flour.Also I remembered how nice the rye bread that I made inspired by Asha of Foodies Hope

    So I substituted 1 ½ cups of the plain flour with light rye flour.
    Well this was excellent.
    Our daughter Katie previously pregnant had not of course eaten any smoked salmon for 9 months.
    So I made a little rescue package for her.
    2 slices of fresh homemade rye bread, a little cream cheese and a little lemon wedge to squeeze over the salmon.
    She was thrilled.
    So now it is time to harvest my Seville Orange tree.
    This might not seem a lot to most people but this is a first for me.
    So from thisTo this

    I had a kilo of oranges from my Seville Orange Tree. The tree was given to us when we moved into this house 15 years ago by John Hughes Interior Designer Extraordinaire
    He has given us the most amazing design advice over the years.

    This is the first year that I got any fruit of note so it is Marmalade time.

    My friend Mr Heinz
    is a bit of a whiz with the preserves so I emailed for advice and this is what I got.

    Hi Ms Gilli

    Ms Mary tells me you need the Seville Orange Marmalade recipe. so here goes:
    Now I got some of the old cooking books

    Scrub the skin and place the fruit whole in the pan, just cover it with water

    Cook until fruit is soft, remove fruit and save the remaining water
    unless you have asbestos hands throw the fruit into sink of cold water

    Cut fruit in half, using kitchen tongs, pull out the pith and remove pips,
    Save pith-n-pips in a pot

    Toss remaining fruit halves into blender, pulse until skin is an acceptable size,
    scrape back into the pan

    When all the fruit is processed weigh the result,
    Very handy to know the weight of the pan before you start.
    But you know that…just checking.

    Start heating the Pulp and juice then stir in the same weight of white sugar

    Remember the pith-n-pips, good, now add about a cup of water
    (I used the liquor from boiling the fruit) and bring to boil.
    add juice of 2 lemons and boil rest of lemon with pith-n-pips,
    after about 1 minute of boiling strain off the liquid into the pan.

    Now boil until setting point. (it seemed to take about 1 hour)

    Immerse screw-top jars in sink of hot tap water (I heated them in the oven at 130C)

    Fill each jar to the brim and screw lid on firmly.

    Enjoy.........Mr Heinz

    I checked on a couple of very old cook books and this method is quicker and probably easier.

    Thank you Mr Heinz
    Breakfast Marmalade and Homemade Rye Bread

    Good work!!!


    Asha said...

    That looks a wonderful tasting Marmalade! From a homegrown oranges too!:)

    Jim said...

    Wow, that looks quite good--especially since you're using homegrown oranges! Tell me, are they difficult to raise? Are they tasty on their own? Seeing those oranges makes me wanna plant a few in my yard!

    So Simple said...

    Asha and Jim
    It's very common for people to grow oranges and lemons in their garden in this country. I am not much of a gardener which is why I am waxing lyrically about this little tree.
    It is really a bit pathetic but I am probably over the top proud.!!!
    Jim, Seville oranges are superbly bitter only good for cooking. I will be posting a wonderful beef and Seville orange stew shortly.