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    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Prawns and a Trio of Wild Meat and Fresh Asparagus.

    The journey from Taupo to Bunnythorpe encompasses some beautiful scenery.
    Driving along the Desert Rd so bleak...then you reach the plateau and there they are the jewels of the North Island. Stunning
    Within the Taupo Volcanic Zone there are three volcanoes still active: Ruapehu, Tongariro, and Ngauruhoe (all are located in Tongariro National Park). All three have erupted fairly often in the last few hundred years. Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe are two of the most continuously active composite volcanoes in the world.
    Below Mt Ngauruhoe New Zealand’s most active volcano
    And Mt Ruapehu North Island’s most prominent Ski Field
    Then you reach Taihape
    The town renowned for the Gum Boot throwing contest.
    Gateway to Taihape
    A giant Gumboot
    Also has a very nice little café
    Brown Sugar. Great lunch. Worth stopping.

    Really in the country now and sunny to boot.
    Didn’t get Dale and Derrick long to have a beer in the sun.
    Meanwhile our hostess was preparing for dinner
    Lovely dining room all set up for us.
    Lorraine had prepared a menu.
    Sake and Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters
    Lorraine’s Coconut and Macadamia Nut Prawns
    She has eaten this dish year after year whilst in Australia's Gold Coast
    and was determined to perfect it.
    Pretty good.
    All very simple
    Shell large prawns leaving a little tail
    Make a batter
    You need shredded coconut and finely chopped macadamia nuts

    Dip prawns in batter
    Then into coconut mix

    Repeat process
    Chill to set coating
    Deep fry till golden brown.
    Served with a unusual dipping sauce of Japanese Mayo with piccalilli mixed.
    Really nice.

    It’s hunting shooting and fishing country and we had roasted pigeon breast, venison and ostrich.
    All served on a Crab Apple and Red Wine Jus with Steamed Fresh Asparagus
    After dinner we hit the liqueurs. Lorraine had made her own pear in a bottle vodka
    A kinda Poire William. They tied the bottles over one little pear bud per branch and it grew into the bottle onto their pear tree. Filled it up with vodka and let it ferment for about 6 months.
    As well we had a lovely sticky from Paul Jaboulet and there were 2 empty bottles.
    First thing after breakfast we were off into the orchard to prepare those particular bottles for next year. One of the Paul Jaboulet bottles is earmarked for us... I even helped to tie it on.

    After all that hard work it was off to lunch and a visit to the wind farm.Wow if you ever get a chance to get up close and personal with these windmills. Do. They are amazing. There has been a bit of a hue and cry about them in this country. I actually think they look great. Bit alienish but neat. See how large they are. That’s Lorraine underneath

    Another gem of a garden. Above growingwindmills
    and below
    Derrick and Lorraine are operating their lovely home as a B & B

    My only regret was the pregnant horse in the paddock next door didn’t give birth while we were there.
    That would have made my day.

    I would award this establishment
    Great food, great wine, good bed, Superb company Good slide show DJ and Lu's travels.

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