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    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    Fresh Salmon - Cinnamon Scrolls -Wanaka Here We Come

    The weather is beautiful, a great day to see this wild and wonderful West Coast.
    This South Island just keeps on coming and amazing us.
    New Zealand is dotted with great old pubs
    Unlike the cities the country people revere their history and work with what they’ve got.
    We are rushing past fabulous early colonial cottages. I’ve yet to capture one but I will soon.
    You keep on turning corners and look...wonderment!
    This is Lake Ianthe
    About another 100 kms on we reached the town that surrounds the Franz Josef Glacier and Coffee Stop.
    The Full of Beans Café.
    Highly recommended
    I was intrigued with this beautiful cake. One of the cooks was assembling it.
    This is a gluten free cake.
    It is one cake cut in half.
    Would you believe only 4 tablespoons maize cornflour is used.
    It took a lot of trial and error to perfect this cake.
    About 8 eggs…
    Will do some experimenting.

    Didn’t get to taste I had already been distracted.
    My search for perfect date scones is changing to perfect scones of any flavour.
    These cinnamon scrolls were excellent. According to the lady in the gas station next door you have to get in early so that you don’t miss out.
    We didn’t do the Glacier. We moved on another suggestion from Derrick was to go to Lake Matheson
    So we turned off…so beautiful. A lovely cafe...we didn't eat there as we were still full from Full a A Bean Cafe
    But we reneged on the actual view of the Lake it was a 20 minutes walk each way. So that was another hour added onto our trip so reluctantly we carried on south. Anyway we had a bonus not too much further on there was a Fox Glacier Lookout
    Quick left turn and up this lovely track not suitable for Campervans and Truck Good.
    We nearly missed the lookout a dick head cyclist had parked his bike over the sign Dale had to get out and move it so we could see where to go. The hidden arrow pointed to the left. Lucky we could have driven on for ages.
    It was worth it though. Look at it
    Now as a contrast here is the Garabaldi Glacier in the Beagle Channel not far from Cape Horn picture taken while we were cruising couple of years ago. But that's another story.
    Back to the South Island
    Knights Point

    It seems every where we have been...of course there are the usual Cluster of Campervans.
    (A little aside- our friend Jim, who is an Uber Truckie says that the Campervans are known as White Maggots by the trucking community)
    They quite often travel in convoy and it is a real pain.

    There are ancient occupants in this area.
    Sandflies. I just killed my first one here at Knights Point

    But let’s not digress
    Looking straight ahead 1700 kms to Tasmania
    And to the left (the south west) First stop Antarctica

    The sights just keep on coming
    The Haast Region
    Haast Population 295 known as Haastafarians
    Lunch time.
    On recommendation from our Lonely Planet we really wanted to go to
    The Craypot at Jackson’ Bay Wharf but once again 40 kms out of we settled for the Fantails Café.
    We chose Fish and Chips.
    They were cooking Blue Cod. The Blue Cod in this region is sensational
    The fish and chips were OK…edible but not fabulous. Anyway they filled a gap.

    So over the Haast River
    Now a major milestone… we have traveled 1500kms since we left Auckland
    8 days ago.
    Then into Haast Pass just vision after vision

    Waterfalls, rapids
    The sign post at Cameron Flat
    There is a map of the area and walks etc you can take
    Of course we didn’t…after all we are on a eating and drinking tour of New Zealand.
    Not a walking tour unlike some mad friends who are biking
    Go for it Severne, Annie, Julia and Rexy
    Then over the hill Lake Wanaka
    on our right back into hills and then on our left Lake Hawea
    Quite spectacular
    See we are not alone
    So we arrived at Paul and Lesley’s.
    Lesley was away helping her daughter with the new baby Jack
    But Paul was prepared for us with an excellent meat sauce (very rich and hearty) to top spaghetti...served with a tasty Chopped salad
    Bit chilly down here
    They know how to light a fire in the south.
    Their view from the back veranda is sensational.
    Paul took us for a Tiki tour of Wanaka we were the “Sunday Drivers”
    There is a disproportional amount of very rich people living here for the size of the town.
    Some great houses but 2 of the best are owned by people we know.
    Unfortunately once again the battery ran out on my bloody camera.
    This the only shot I got of Sue’s superb Villa
    Now those who know us well will be delighted to see how the little dog ran and sat on Dale’s knee Luckily I got this shot before technology failed
    But all is not lost Sue has a website she rents this wonderful place out
    Villa South Pacific
    The we went to visit Annie and Colin Mantell’s amazing house overlooking the golf course.They have so much style those two.
    Check their place out. Mantells
    They have a superb event location in Auckland and the Ultimate Motorhome.
    Bit different from the Clusters of Campervans we have encountered

    Wanaka is outstandingly beautiful I loved this little churchOn her way home Lesley popped into the Salmon Farm and purchased us some fresh fresh Salmon for dinner
    Lesley seasoned and sprinkled chopped chives on the fish and cooked it face down
    After a couple minutes she flipped it and poured over some wine
    Got that bubbling and then covered it.
    Heat off leave for about 3-4 minutes.

    Moist and fabulous.
    AND Jersey benne potatoes and steamed asparagus
    So so good

    It got a bit raucous after dinner
    So it was farewell to the Burts
    I would award this establishment
    Lovely garden, spectacular view, good bed, good shower. Excellent Sunday Drive
    Great Fun Paul.

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