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    Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    The Sensational KD Lang and a Beautiful Salad for a Beautiful Autumn Day

    Only 3 days ago it was cold and very wet.
    Not only that, it was a disaster for Joseph and Sophia
    A week earlier they had been given a guinea pig complete with run and little hutch.
    Weather turned nasty and dear me, one guinea pig down.
    Much distress, and a funeral in the garden
    A quick trip to the pet shop and along came Nisha
    2 days later yet another death and another funeral.
    We didn’t get to meet either of those little souls.

    It was family lunch and we were introduced to Elvis, guinea pig number three
    Apparently according to the Pet Shop owner the other two must of died of the cold.
    So the hutch was moved into the car port and another really cosy home for Elvis

    He really is he is with his teddy.
    Sophia covered up the run with a quilt for extra insulation.
    I am please to say at this time of writing he is still alive

    Anyway the weather is back to really nice again. Lucky Elvis.
    Our friend Lana came over for to share our lunch and mutual euphoria from last night’s KD Lang concert
    She was superb. What a voice, so melodic, an incredible range and none of the screeching that seems to be so popular with pop divas.
    There were more than a few tears shed from the sheer beauty of that voice and passion

    As I write this I am listening to the Watershed album
    Currently playing “The Valley” written by Jane Siberry.
    Such a beautiful song

    Anyway I whipped up this colourful salad for lunch today.
    Accompanied with my quick, easy and fab pizza bread
    A lovely lunch for a lovely day
    I used the very crisp iceberg lettuce as a base
    ¼ papaya peeled seeded and sliced
    3 hard bold eggs peeled and quartered
    1 red chili finely chopped
    3 radish sliced
    5 rashers crisy bacon
    1 avocado peeled and sliced
    1 tomato chopped
    Basil chopped
    Parsley chopped

    And a simple vinaigrette drizzled over the top

    1 part white balsamic
    1 teaspoon dijon mustard
    Sea salt and black freshly ground black pepper
    Mix well
    Add 3 parts extra virgin olive oil
    Mix again

    Just like that so so simple

    For the pizza bread recipe click here

    Just before popping the bread in the oven
    Brush with the Simply Ming Coriander Oil
    In November when Dale and I had our Fab and Gay Adventure, driving through New Zealand…we stayed at Evington Gardens with our friends Lorraine and Derrick and I helped Derrick tie a bottle onto a pear bud.
    Thus supplying us, with a Pear in a Bottle, in order to make Pear Cognac.
    Well the pear has grown and we are now proud owners of our own bottle
    Beautifully packed by Lorraine complete with the twig once attahced to the pear
    It will need at least 6 months to mature, so watch for a drunken post at the end of the year.
    Anniversary of our stay at Evington I think.
    Shall have to compose a menu for the occasion.


    Kevin said...

    An avocado salad with bacon and eggs sounds good!

    So Simple said...

    Thanks Kevin it was I can assure you

    Arfi Binsted said...

    gee, you made to see KD Lang! I love her. She has the most soft voice I've ever listened to :) Nice mailbox there, Gilli!