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    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    The Best Beef Stew

    I have made some good Beef Stews in my time but this mix of ingredients is fabulous.
    It's really important to get a good colour on the beef to enhance the flavour. I had to have a few samples while I was cooking and the flavour of that beef was superb.
    I think the addition of rosemary is inspired... the combination of that, the thyme and parsley is pretty nice !Ingredients
    1 kg of Blade Steak cut into 3 cm pieces
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Oil for frying
    2 onions sliced
    2 carrots sliced
    1 parsnip peeled and chopped
    1 chili deseeded and chopped (optional)
    2 sprigs rosemary
    Handful of thyme
    2 tablespoons of chopped parsley
    1/2 bottle red wine
    1 litre beef or chicken stock

    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    When I am cooking a stew I like to brown the ingredients in a different pan to the casserole pot they finally end up in.
    You have more control over each stage

    Heat the pan to medium heat and add olive oil
    Gently sauté the onions
    Season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper .

    Remove to casserole/pot
    Add carrots and parsnip season again.
    You may need to add some more oil as you go.
    Place in pot with onions
    Toss the meat in seasoned flour
    Add more oil to pan
    Fry meat in batches, make sure it gets a good colour
    Add to pot
    Deglaze with red wine
    Boil to burn off the alcohol
    Add herbs pour over meat and vege
    Heat up stock and add to pot

    Make sure the meat is just covered
    Add some water if necessary
    Into 180C for about 10 minutes
    Turn it down to 165C and simmer away for about 2 hours

    Serve with Mashed Potatoes
    Throw in some chopped spring onions and some lightly sautéed sliced cabbage
    An excellent combination

    A little extra chopped parsley makes a pretty garnish.

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