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    Monday, May 04, 2009

    Things to like About Christchurch

    We just had a wonderful weekend in Christchurch.
    To celebrate the Wedding of Brad and Michelle
    Not only were we party to a lovely wedding, with a beautiful Bride and Groom, but we got to discover some of the wonders of Christchurch.

    We left Auckland, where it was hot and fine and arrived to immediate “Jacketsville” and a grey freezing cold day, but the next day, there were great improvements.
    Things We Like No. 1
    It was great to dress up in our jackets and scarves and out for breakfast
    Hands in pockets, wandering around the town. Crisp, clean air.
    A beautiful Autumn day.

    No. 2 -The Cathedral and Environs
    We were situated very close to the Cathedral

    We loved the sculptures and statues around the Square.
    The Big Chess set... (in of course, Canterbury Colours)

    The Beautiful Lacy Ice Cream Cone Sculpture
    This gentleman, a lookout for seagulls
    A Tribute to the fallen, surrounded by wreathes from the Anzac Day ceremony
    My No. 3
    Bailies Bar and Restaurant...A beautifully restored old building
    Just by the Square
    Love their sense of the billboards

    Of course as a female guest, I had to have my hair done.
    I was booked into Ballantynes “The Department Store”
    and came out looking fairly glam.
    A lovely Salon well patronized by the Blue Rinse Set.
    The staff were friendly and very helpful, particularly to the elderly ladies.
    A nice experience...

    My next thing to Like
    No. 4 - City Hair Salon

    This is where I went to have my nails done.
    Hey what a place.
    The Chief Manicurist had a gold medal from The Korean Nail Olympics 2005.
    Yes The Nail Olympics! He was an artiste.
    He was attending to a German girl (in Christchurch for a year) and he was painting the prettiest flowers on her nails.

    There was a selection of patterns one could choose.
    Obviously, he was exceptionally skillful in floral art.

    Samples of his work...Those gorgeous clocks.
    So it was out to lunch at “Sticky Fingers” a Bistro down by the river.
    Excellent Fish and Chips and also a very good Fish Thai Curry.

    No. 5 - The Trams
    Christchurch is the only sensible City in New Zealand. They reinstated the Trams.
    Now a huge tourist attraction.
    They circumnavigate the City...leaving every 8 minutes.
    They come complete with Driver and Conductor, a real blast from the past.
    Love it.

    Katie and I caught The Tram to the wedding.
    No. 6 - Annies Cafe
    The Wedding Venue
    This is situated in the Arts Centre a series of beautiful old buildings.
    Originally part of the old University.

    The Ceremony was held outside in The Quadrant. Music courtesy - Mr Dan.
    It was cold. Hence the girls in coats and wraps.
    The people at Annies put on a great show.
    Even though, we all were wrapped up like sore toes for the ceremony,
    (which was held outside in the Quadrant of The Arts Centre),
    as soon as we popped indoors to Annies, it was so welcoming. Nice fire.
    We soon all warmed up.
    The food was excellent. Plenty of hand around food
    Main course
    Filet of Beef
    Canterbury Lamb (My Choice...When in the region you must eat the Food)
    Chicken Breast

    Creme Brulee with Berries
    Assorted Ice Creams and of course the Cup Cakes

    My No. 7
    Katie set up a Wedding Cup Cake Factory at Prue’s house and the ladies Baked and Baked and Baked,
    Caramel, Chocolate and Carrot Cup Cakes

    She also baked a small cake for “The Cutting Of The Cake”.
    Bit hard to get that big knife into a cup cake!
    While piling into a cab to go home, after a long fabulous night, I noticed my
    No. 8 Thing to like.
    The Peacock Fountain
    Unfortunately my night shots didn’t turn out, but in the morning, I managed to capture it. Splendid.
    So onto No. 9
    The Arts Centre has a great Market, and alongside that, is a great outdoor indoor Cafe/Bar, Dux de Lux.We had some beers and cocktails in the sun
    And No. 10
    Of course lots of wine, means a dry mouth and Christchurch has superb water out of the tap.
    No bottled or filtered water needed here.
    Cool Clear Water
    Turn on the tap, No Chlorine smell. Fabulous.

    Now No. 11
    We discovered The Underground Colombo Cafe.
    Excellent coffee and a big plus.
    Their cinnamon scrolls. It was a scone mixture light and fluffy
    Packed full of cinnamon sugar. Yum.

    AND they roast their own coffee.

    It’s an interesting shop...with buckets of uncooked beans on show.
    The aroma was divine.
    But one downfall, they didn’t “Do Breakfast” as we know it, but as luck would have it...

    My No. 12 - “The Orange Tree” did
    If you wanted something “free” or “Organic”...they had it
    Gluten free
    Egg Free
    Sugar Free etc.

    I was a bit worried they might be meat free as well but NO
    I had the Farmhouse breakfast
    2 organic poached eggs, roasted tomatoes, pork sausage, bacon and ciabatta toast with real butter.

    They catered for everyone. Delicious

    Waiting for Breakfast, how cheerful is this?
    Next door was this fabulous Grocery store.
    My No. 13 Thing To Like
    I felt like I had stepped back in time.
    Even the old Grocery Boy’s delivery bike out the front.
    Lots of imported English treats...Wonder if they are counting the food miles!!!
    So after a very pleasant wind dow,n at Val and Trevor’s place with a yummy barbeque...
    we had an early night.
    Drove to the airport, in the morning, after another trip to The Orange Tree, for another beautiful breakfast.
    And finally
    My No. 14 Thing To Like - is this view, out of the Koru Club Lounge Window.
    The Southern Alps...
    Last week Christchurch - Tomorrow off to Wellington. Driving this time.

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    Asha said...

    Lovely post with lots of pics to see. Enjoyed it. Cup cakes are so huge, yum. Love the nail paint too.

    I will be on break until June, see you then. Happy Mother's day.Enjoy! :)