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    Friday, July 03, 2009

    Croatia Part Three

    Ships Log
    We motored, no wind, sunny, but not too warm
    Crew looking pretty happy

    We cruised some islands and found an empty bay and anchored
    Chinano With Crew Larry, Debbie and Ash Keating joined us.
     We rafted up.
    As luck would have it
    It rained, so we went on board their boat to socialise and Blow me down, were Welcomed with the signature drink “Chinano” originally concocted by Larry in Tahiti, while with us in Cooks Bay… on yet another yacht… many moons ago. But that’s another story. The drink went down very well and before we knew it, we had consumed their nibbles, our tiny contribution more Chinanos and everyone’s wine.
     Captain Larry in his office

    Dale helping Ash with his camera. There has been a rolling joke on the boat about their posh cameras. Laurian has a D60 Dale is one up on her and has a D80 but Geoff is the king he has a D90.
    We had our own wake, reminisced about Michael and compared the stories we all had heard about the funeral... “The Event” of the year. One quote “I wasn’t sure if I was at an Award show or a funeral” And so it should be.
    That lovely man needed a great send off.
    Poor Lauran’s eyes were glazing over…its not easy hearing our stories.
    Good thing she is not a real drinker, or she may have drunk till she passed out with boredom.
    So after a good night sleep. We took advantage of Chinano’s toaster and we had our first cooked breakfast. Excellent. Bacon Mushrooms Tomatoes, eggs, pretty bloody good.
    Swims all round, and set the sails to Palmezana a favourite of Larry’s.

    Each on each and others boats!!!

    We rafted up again and had boat lunch. They have great little baby toast croutons in this country (in fact we saw them in Amsterdam as well, crisp and tasy and a really good size) which we covered with a tasty dip. Laurian made watermelon salad, Debbie brought over salami, olives, Prunes (good move) and cheese. Accompanied by our usual house wine and bread.
    Afternoon passed quickly
    Laurian - Le Uber Grinder
     The water is so deep, you sail really close to land

     So we pulled up and anchored in Palmezana Bay for The Tree house Bar
    The bar is so cute, the delightful host, has set up seating in the trees, and nice rocking bench, lovely pillows everywhere, for all to lounge.
    Of course I am now in the company of blonde models, 3 pretty little things and I think I am more like Elizabeth Taylor, past her peak! But c’est la vie.
    So the models and Larry went awalking over the hill and got fresh bread for tomorrow, Geoff fished I think.
    Dale and I rested
    At sundown we changed and went ashore to the Treehouse Bar and restaurant.

    After a couple of good drinks and a couple of free shots we ate in their restaurant.
    The food was excellent I had schnitzel and mashed potatoes, they were amongst the best mash I have had. I commented about their excellence to the lady of the house…she pointed to her midriff and said she liked them too much as well. Not good for the waistline
    Drank the house wine, and the dinner bill only came to 100KN per head about $35NZ pretty good value.

    Ship’s Log

    Left anchorage at 8.00, waved goodbye to Chinano and set sail to the south.
    Sunny, no wind and no sea, motor on, sail up, but that’s for show.
    Listening to Johnny Mathis Open Fire Two guitars Destination Korcula Island ETA 15.00

    The lighthouses are square, really unique.
    For us, used to sailing around the South Pacific and New Zealand it’s so odd to pull into a bay and see lovely old stone houses. Boats lazy line mooring all around.
     We backed into the ACI Marina, easy peasy and booked there for the night. You pick up a line from the wharf, walk it through to the bow, and then tie 2 stern lines onto the jetty, put out your plank and Bob’s your uncle.I have to mention the plank…I have a mental block on it I need something to hold onto much to everyone’s mirth. I have been across solo a couple of times, but I wobble. Not good.

    The approaches to Korcula, is so like Queenstown, the ferry going past could be the Earsnslaw sailing by. The hills are quite barren on the top suggesting snow in the winter.

    This a lovely town we had lunch, a wee rest, used the port facilities. Shower. Great for the hair washing. The Shower on the boat, is not as good as a dripping tap, so we enjoyed nice warm water cascading down our backs.

    Then into town for Happy Hour Cocktails at Konabar…had good MaitaiFound a restaurant called Amfora Pizzeria. Very good food, again D & L had small grilled whole sea bass. I had kofta with tomato sauce & grilled vege, G had steak and chips. We also had chocolate filled Crepes to share. Very tasty.

    Then into town for Happy Hour Cocktails at Konabar…had good MaitaiFound a restaurant called Amfora Pizzeria. Very good food, again Dale and Laurian had small grilled whole sea bass. I had kofta with tomato sauce & grilled vege, G had steak and chips. We also had chocolate filled Crepes to share. Very tasty.
    Our cute waitress above.
    Wandered, the city found this amazing bar, up in the turret of the castle.
    We climbed up lots of stairs, then a ladder and when we got to the top, Voila… it was a cute little bar.
    You ordered your drink The girls shouted out the order and then the bartender put it on a dumb waiter, and up she came.

    We were full and tired and a big creamy cocktail didn’t appeal, so back to the boat we went.
    Croatia is a very modern country amongst all of the medieval heritage but nevertheless I really expected to see more of these old cars. They are so rare that I had to take the shot.
    All very upmarket and European...not too many Japanese cars.
    Friday, Laurian and I went the Supermarche for supplies, then walked through the square and found the market. Looked great, we were called over by an old lady tempting us with pieces of cheese, to taste. Just like the old witch in Hansel and Gretel…she had green figs, lovely looking basil, delightful spring onions, we were thrilled but smelt a rat a bit when she wouldn’t cut the cheese in half for us, and then we only asked for 4 figs, she was giving us 10. NO NO we don’t want that many. Gratis, she said and shrugged and stuffed in more.

    Then she wrote down the price. 270KN $90Nz I was a bit slow off the mark but eagle eyed Laurian said no too much she threw more stuff in we looked at one another decided to give some of the figs back to lighten the load (and cost). When Laurian picked up the figs all squashy.. The bloody Old crone was ripping us off big time. We just put everything down and walked away. I hope she didn’t put a spell on us..
    3 bags of shopping cost only 160KN from the Supermarche. She certainly saw us coming.

    So exhausted, from all of that, we had coffee, and our morning was enhanced by 2 beautiful puppies, so cute. Yes there is good in the world, you just look for it.

    Back at the boat we feasted on a pastry filled with a kinda cheese cake filling and left the Marina for a bay where we could swim and relax.
    Of of course there was mechanical problems again and we were able to take advantage of the local electrician, whilst at the Marina. All paid for by our Charter company. Or it should be.

    Oh I forgot to mention Marco Polo was allegedly born here and definitely started his famous journey from here. Well documented. Shirts galore. Dale has one.

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