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    Saturday, September 12, 2009

    Alencon - Excellent Town - Excellent Steak and Chips

    Off to Alencon. For some reason I wanted to sing Roger Whittaker's "Old Durham Town" as we drove there.
    Alencon –Durham Town! Sorry.
    This is the nearest big town to Annie’s and even though still charming, not quite so laid back as the villages we have been frequenting lately.
    We wandered through the town, just snapping away. So many beautiful things to see.

    Once again, you can't beat the French for beautifying anything boring. I love this painted door.
    Plenty of beautiful leafy trees...plenty of antiquity. It appears this town has been around since fourth Century BC.
    Our first port of call was the fishmonger. We bought some beautiful Cod.
    My memories of Cod in the 60's, living in Britain, was the inevitable Cod and Chips.
    I thought they were some of the worst fish and chips, we had ever eaten.
    Greasy old pieces of cod cooked earlier in the day, then kept warm in one of those warmer ovens. Soft chips...Yuk. Such a disappointment.
    This fish, was superb.
    Over the road the greengrocer. Little potatoes and more fruit for the fruit bowl.
    The Pastis indicator kicked in, so we found this Cafe and sat in the sun, sipping away at our aperitif.

    Our dear little Daisy Dog loved sitting in the sun.
    So did we.
    So then it was off to eat lunch. Cafe du Theatre was our destination.

    Fish burger for Dale
    Can't leave France without Steak and Pommes Frites.
    These fellow diners were adverse to the camera. Actually I wanted to shoot the toys in the cabinet, but serve them right, they are in the shot as well hiding their faces. (Maybe they were famous...I don't think so!)
    Back in the car, past more delightful places of interest.
    So we left Alencon and made our way back to Paradise, for a well deserved rest.
    The cod lived up to all expectations. Just like on TV.

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