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    Thursday, September 03, 2009

    The Mayenne Continues to Delight

    Sunday dawned, I was very excited. We were off to eat the Best Boudin Noir in the area.
    In a restaurant situated in the village of St Ceneri le Gerei. We did the compulsory walk through the village till we reached L'Auberge des Peintres (pictured below).
    Annie with her husband John were regular patrons of this fine establishment.
    There it was on the blackboard. waiting for me.

    Annie was right, it was fabulous. The last time I experienced such a good one, was when Chef Neil Smith made one for Helen and I. Soft, spicy not at all like the black puddings, you buy here at the butcher. Melt in the mouth treat. Accompanied with hash browns and salad what more could one ask for.They also do a mean Seafood Gratin. Perfect for Dale.
    Annie went for the Steak.

    Then we shared Creme Brulee...some nice wine to wash it all down.

    The near naked waiter was a treat for the eyes, but it he must have been chilled, even though it was sunny, it wasn't any where near summer temperatures.
    The paintings were painted directly onto the wall. I guess by hungry artists paying their way. It was very innovative to just pop a frame also directly onto the wall.
    The toilet was also a work of art. Could stay in there all day perusing all that work.
    More toilet art.
    The little village once again is so beautiful. France is such a divine country you can see why all these Brits want to buy up all of Rural France.

    I took a fancy to windows
    Everywhere you turn more spectacular sights.

    Even the birds are well housed.

    Daisy Dog attracted lots of attention

    We wandered down to the most beautiful Chapel, just perched by the river.

    So calm and peaceful
    Our next outing is to Alencon, the nearest large town.
    So "Back to Mill" This stream goes around the house.
    It originally drove the wheels to mill the flour. Acres of history.
    The sound of the stream was fabulous...of course it never stopped and you can always hear the sound of running water. Comforting.

    Some retro food for dinner…

    Annie made “Ham wrapped around braised celery covered with a bubbling cheese sauce”.
    Plates cleaned, with more of Madame Patard’s bread.
    Not a drop left on them.

    So full we settled down in front of the fire to watch more comedy.
    A liqueur or two to finish off.
    Hate to step on scales now.

    Very quiet day.
    The weather has not been as “clement” as one would wish, in fact it is raining, but when you have a nice open fire and a glass of wine, some good food. Who cares.
    A simple spaghetti dinner.
    It’s all like a Jacqui Lawson Greeting Card.

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    Judith said...

    I'm just loving your blog, so glad I came across it. Keep it coming, I'm enjoying all your lovely photos and descriptions. I can't be there but this is the next best thing!