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    Thursday, February 04, 2010

    Fresh Flounder and Heart Stopping Toasted Sandwiches

    In those halcyon days, before we all caught cholesterol and we supported the Dairy Board, by slathering butter on our bread, we used to make Toastie Pies. You used an iron sometimes called Jaffe iron I think, thickly buttered the bread on the wrong side, placed that in that in the iron, butter side down, put your filling in, topped with another buttered slice…pushed down the iron and clipped it.
    Onto the fire or the gas and in just a jiffy, wonderful little golden pies popped out. Crisp and superb.
    In our early married life I used to make Dale these treats filled with an egg and Grandma’s Tomato Ketchup. They made a grand snack to take to the rugby.
    Baked beans with cheese or mince and you could even fill them with apple or any other sweet pie filling were also favourites. An easy lunch and so delicious
    In due course I stupidly threw my irons out. Moved onto more ‘Modern’ food. What a waste. They would have been great on the boat.
    I know you can buy sandwich makers powered by electricity but it’s not the same. They are non stick and you just spray them lightly with oil. How healthy is that?
    Well yesterday I bowed out of health and made beautifully buttered toasted sandwiches in the fry pan.
    This time the filling was Baked beans, with grated Mozzarella and an egg to thicken and stop the filling from running everywhere.
    They were divine. Hot crisp buttery taking tiny bites so that you didn’t burn the roof of your mouth.

    Back to fresh fish. Our friends Ray and Anne off the Good Ship Carlotta Anne delivered freshly caught flounder. We had it for lunch.

    Wonderful. Dale, who is not a bone picker normally, made short work of his.
    Love it...of course, I suck the bones and eat all of the skin.
    We get wonderful Sunsets up here
    Pretty little red circles on the water
    The Skipper relaxing while waiting for the Sundowner

    Great Moon rises as well...Here she comes

    Don't you just love the Full Moon?
    Inside the cabin looks very pretty as well

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    Alessandra said...

    Hi, first time here, very interested to see more Kiwis blogging!