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    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    Leek and Potato (can't get enough of them) Penne with Parmesan and Sage Cooked in Brown Butter

    On the advice of my friend Phil Webster from the UK I decided to add some texture to my Leek and Potato Soup.

    So after sauteing the leeks, I removed a couple of large spoonfuls and set aside.

    I, also, for a new depth of flavour cubed the potatoes, popped them in the microwave for about 4 minutes, drained tossed with some olive oil and salt and roasted them for about 15 minutes.
    Reserve a couple of spoonfuls for the garnish and proceed with the soup as per my recipe
    seen here
    The potatoes for the garnish need to go into the oven for another 10 minutes just before serving to make sure that they are crisp.
    It made an excellent first course for my friend Lana's dinner party last night.

    She cooked us some beautiful salmon, with individual Dauphinoise Potatoes, roasted peppers, some rocket, all superbly presented. Then she made a pear tart. Excellent.

    So there was some soup and garnish left over.
    Lunch today
    Leek and Potato Penne, Topped with Parmesan and Sage cooked in Brown Butter
    Next time I will use more sage. Usually you use it sparingly, but in this case there was not enough, so go for it and use heaps.

    I reheated the leftover soup added the potato cubes and leeks
    Picked some fresh Sage leaves
    Heated a good knob of butter to the nutty stage
    Added the Sage
    Cooked about 1 minutes

    Place pasta in bowl, top with Parmesan, Cooked Sage
    A good grind of freshly ground black pepper.

    Lunch for a king... and he liked it too

    Now even though I say so myself I make a good pie.
    Keeping on with the Leek and Roasted Potatoes Theme
    An excellent filling for a pie.
    Make more than you need and stick them in the freezer for later consumption
    Cook the pies for the freezer for about 5 minutes less time.
    They will need to be reheated and you don't want them to dry out.
    You might notice, I use quite a bit of butter and oil, as this too keeps them moist. After all you are not going to be eating them every day. So go for the lipid of choice.

    You need
    Puff Pastry
    1 leek cleaned and sliced
    Butter 25 gms
    Grated cheese
    1 med potato peeled and cubed
    Salt and Pepper
    Olive oil

    1 egg beaten with a few drops of water for egg wash

    First prepare the filling
    Saute the sliced leeks gently in butter
    Season with salt and pepper
    Toss the potatoes in Olive oil and salt
    Roast till tender and golden

    While they are all cooling roll out your pastry
    Cut bottoms and lids to fill your pie tin
    Put to rest in fridge about 15 minutes
    Set oven to 205C
    Grease your tins
    Place bottom layer in
    Prick with a fork
    Add grated cheese to cover bottom
    Add leeks
    Break an large egg into a cup
    Just lightly break the yolk and disperse amongst the white, don't beat
    Add Salt and pepper
    Tip into pie case and top with more grated cheese
    Place lid on top. crimp edges
    Brush with egg wash

    Cook about 25 minutes
    Remove and don't burn your mouth as you will want to get into these as soon as they are cooked.
    The aroma is magnificent.

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