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    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    Letters From abroad - Life in Thames Ditton

    Mr. & Mrs. P Schultz                  Mrs. G Wrightson
    72 Derwent St                                     C/O Bank of New South Wales
    Island Bay                                           Sackville Street
    Wellington NZ                                    London W1 UK
    20th October 1967

    Dear Sandy and Pete
    We have been in England now for 1 week and today, is the same weather as the day we arrived. Overcast, a bit cold. It has been fine for about 3 days. quite an achievement apparently. Even though the weather is bad I am not moaning, because England really is great.

    We have been lucky living with Phil and Chris. remember him. he was the chap who came over a couple of years ago. Chris is terrific fun and I get on with her good oh. She is pregnant and it is called Fred, It even has a casting vote in an argument. They have been terrific to us. put a party on for us and all.

    Actually Chris and I are slowly picking up one and others accents. She is sounding like a Kiwi and me a Pom. God forbid.

    From Left; Moi, Chris with Fred and Phil

    Very impressed, actually the first Rolls Royce Convertible we'd ever seen, in fact probably the first Rolls Royce we had ever seen.

    Sandy I received your letter at Curacao and very pleased I was to receive it I might add, as Mum didn’t write there.That photo of us in the paper I reckon I looked like the original Billy Bunter but it was still fun to see it,
     There ya go Billy Bunter in the middle

    I am just running a bath at the moment they have a great system, when the hot tap comes on it turns on the gas and it heats the water while it runs.Never out of hot water. I think that is quite good.

    Chris and Phil have their own house, in Thames Ditton, very nice. Housing is expensive here especially in London. They own a terraced house like Coronation Street but they have got some garden. It is quite big inside, Lounge, DR Kitchen, Bath, Toilet and 3 bedrooms upstairs. A very cosy little home. Well as you might guess I could live here easily for quite a while. 
    Happiness in Thames Ditton

     Another plus for Thames Ditton, Hampton Court Home, of Henry VIII, close by.

    We haven’t got jobs yet. I haven’t looked, Dale had an appointment yesterday to see this chap had any vacancies. He missed out on a job on BP account, (just what would have suited him) by 2 weeks. The chap said he would have hired him too so the chap is looking around different agencies for Dale, so we just sit back and wait.

    Today we have to take our hire car back £13 for 1 week, a Morris 1100, no mileage charge and we have been all over London. But we read in the paper a place which hires Morris same conditions so we are going to try there as we need a car for flat hunting.
    Looks like we are going to have to pay about £10 a week for a decent flat suits us. Haven’t seen Tim yet but we are going to NZ House today so I will look in the visitors book. It is best if you write to us c/o the Bank. I will put the address on the back.

    Sandy you would go mad like me in the shops. I bought a pair of beige patent chunky shoes for 89/11 and these were expensive. New woolen long sleeve frock £6
    Expensive too. Good bra 15/-. Panty hose I won’t now wear anything else/ 9/11 marvelous invention, no good for tubbys though. Heavy knit beige polo net woolen 42/6 from Marks and Spencers.
    At the Tower of London, attired in said Woolen dress, (red it was) and the chunky beige patent shoes
    The Red Dress now in Carnaby Street

    Now Dale in shot, continuing our early sightseeing. The Royal Town of Windsor

    Hooray I have long nails again. Send my regards to Lab Staff, Bruce, Owen, Mr Williams etc and also Dave Holey. Tell him I will write to him shortly.
    How is Julie managing with Willie away.
    Love to Darielle and Skid I will also write to them soon plus must tell Frances all about Tahiti as we were going to go there for a holiday. So inform all these bods that I will keep in touch. I will write again soon, Sandy.
    Pete, the girls with their mini skirts are quite something. Dale loves them
    Love Gillian and Dale

    Fred turned out to be Graham, cute as a button and now a Facebook Friend

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