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    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    "Heroes of the Mine"- Dedicated to Our Miners, Their Families and Friends

    This week a big box of photos and memorabilia was delivered to me. It had been in storage for about 10 years.
    As I was sifting through papers, belonging to my Father, on Wednesday morning... I came across this poem written by My Grandfather, dated 5th March 1927
    It was particularly relevant and poignant, due to the terrible tragedy, unfolding here in the West Coast of New Zealand.
    As I was typing the Poem, to send to my family, there was a newsflash, that there had been a second explosion and that the 29 Miners, trapped in the mine would have perished.
    In shock, I Googled 1927, and found that indeed there was another terrible tragedy, on 1st March 1927 in
    The Marine Colliery
    Cwm, Blaenau Gwent
    55 souls perished.
    This area was close to my family home in Rogerstone, Monmouthshire, Wales

    My Grandfather, John Samuel was obviously moved by that disaster and on the 5th March 1927, he wrote this poem,
    I had to share it. So relevant.
    I never knew my Grandad (he died aged 65 in 1929). I wish I had.

    Heroes of the Mine

    Not alone on the fields of battle
    Mid the roar of shell and gun
    Where the awful fight is raging
    Is the name of Hero won.
    Who will dare to tell the story
    That our heroes all are dead?
    No, we have them by the thousand
    In the fight for daily bread
    Facing death with all its terrors
    In the dark and tragic mine,
    Risking all to save a brother
    With an energy sublime
    Once again that awful message
    Flashes through the morning air
    Filling homes that were so happy
    With its note of sad despair.
    While the cry for willing helpers
    Stirs each faithful loyal heart,
    Ready, stands a band of heroes
    Eager there to play their part.
    Nurses, Doctors, grim old miners
    Quickly answers to the call,
    If by chance to save a brother
    In the fight they too may fall.
    Noble deeds has been recorded
    That should stir our hearts with pride,
    Men of stations high and lowly
    Stand together side by side
    Let those deeds be ne-er forgotten
    Deep engraved upon each heart,
    For a duty done so nobly
    Each one played a heroes part.

    John Samuel 5th March 1927

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