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    Thursday, December 30, 2010

    We're all Going on A Summer Holiday - Where's the Summer? I Say

     View from Whangaroa Marina Tuesday 28th December 2010
    Far North 2010-11

    So once again a cloudy day which is good for driving not too hot Everything going smoothly till we reached the Toll Rd what a pain 1 hour to go 3 kms.

    Onto Ms June’s country estate up in the Kaipara hills beautiful views. While there got a call from the Armourguard people, the alarm had gone off. Luckily Chris was at work, building builing… and he was able to go around to check up. Surprisingly! he found the garage door open. In our rather stressful departure we forgot to close it. I suspect the little neighbourhood cat got in and set the alarm off. That was lucky or we could have been open for days, perfect pickings for burglars. Quelle domage,

    After tasty lunch with June she drove us back to her parents place where we packed ourselves into our cars and then back on the road again. All going well, till out of Wellsford, once again major traffic jam but we were patient and finally we were heading to Whangaroa. Decided against shopping in Keri Keri and just went onto the Marina, unloaded just before the rain came. Unpacked and Lana made nibbles, big fat G & T and not long out of bed.
    Tuesday off to Keri Keri bought provisions and clothes including a new sunhat, when will we ever get to use it I wonder.
    Back for lunch, rest, dress up for dinner at the Gamefish Club but the rains came down again So we had whitebait fritters with a salad. NICE

    Sick of storms now just want the sun. Watched first 2 episodes of Downton Abbey
    Courtesy John and JT excellent series.
    Wednesday, finally left the Marina and off to find a nice quiet Bay. No rain, warm but not really summer yet

    I made French Bread, (read this post for the recipe) we ate it with French Cheese and side bits and bobs. NZ Wine, preceded by Pastis. So onto an afternoon of reading.

    Duck for dinner with roast vege. More Downton Abbey and another good nights sleep.

    Bloody drizzling, so a lie in was the best thing to do, I’m onto Book 2 already. Sun please put your hat on and come out it play.

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