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    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    Sydney - A Wedding and Fabulous Manly

    We have been coming to Sydney regularly, for decades...My first visit 1963 on a cruise ship. In the 70's, we thought it was very smart to stay close to Double Bay, Great shopping...
    then we moved to Kings Cross, in the 80's staying at the wonderful trendy Sebel Town house. One of the most fun hotels anywhere. Who remembers the House Bar?
    We graduated to Mosman in the 90's, where our friends Debbie and David had a place, right overlooking the Ferry, we loved that, sitting on the balcony watching Sydneysiders going about their business. They moved. But as luck would have it our Friends Yvonne and Stu returned to Sydney and provided our next Hotel, just a bit further up the road, still in Mosman. Lovely, almost on the main road.
    This visit, which is for the Wedding of Debbie's daughter Summer, to Christopher, our accommodation, supplied by Erin and Milton is overlooking the water in Manly. This is fantastic. The Ferries come and go every 15 minutes or so and as I write the Australian Navy, well...a little bit of it... is entering the Harbour.
    This is a magnificent view
    I just adore it.
    The wedding was held on Shelly Bay Beach, around the other side of Manly. It's a sheltered Bay, on the Surf side. Just walk a couple of hundred metres and there is the Surf Beach.
     Isn't that amazing?
    Just having the best time.
    My better half... waiting for the ceremony to start. 
    The wedding was beautiful. A young couple, looking gorgeous and enormously happy.
    Summer was like a little girl, opening her Christmas presents.
    Here she comes on David's arm
    Let's forget all the tragedies going on around the world, for a short while and embrace happiness and love.
    Congratulations... Summer and Chris. A proud moment for all.
    And now some pictures of Manly, our side.
    The postie came to deliver a registered letter for Milton. She's a goer... it was too hard for me to get out of the security gate, so she walked down to the walkway and I signed for it there.
    There she goes, back up the path. Go Postie.
    Just keep on walking and there is a beach AND a sea pool. Great fun.
    Can't get much better than this.

    1 comment:

    Mark Kennedy said...

    I was at the Sebel's closing night party. The House Bar was my favourite watering hole, not that there was a lot of water being consumed.

    An unforgettably HUGE night... from what I remember.