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    Friday, May 06, 2011

    Hot Club Sandwich - Christchurch Benefit Concert at Old St Pauls Wellington

    Last night we were lucky enough to be part of a wonderful concert at Old St Paul's Cathedral in Wellington.
    "Hot Club Sandwich" made up of  Andrew London, Terry Crayford and friends... find out about them here

    They were performing a benefit Concert for Christchurch and had invited our friend Bob Heinz,,, one of the World's Finest Guitarists. Fiona Pears...Violinist Extraordinaire. Check her out on her website here and Malcolm McNeil, Great Jazz Singer, specializing in songs from the Great American Songbook.
    What a night ,over 3 hours of superb music. Great fun and what a venue.
    Old St Paul's stunning 19th Century Architecture, check it out here

    Wine for sale. Perfect for us of course. We need concerts with our wine!
    Now we know what these shelves ont eh back of the pews were built for,,, You might mistakenly have thought Hymn Books. NO... Wine glasses. Mind one doesn't want to lay them down whilst still full, Could be interesting.

    Sorry about the quality of the snaps but hopefully you get the picture.
    Thanks Guys, we had a wonderful time.

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    Anonymous said...

    Well done Gill. What a great night and probably the best $20 I've ever spent. All at surprising Wellington. Terry