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    Tuesday, December 27, 2011

    Christmas, Its all about The Family, The Food, The Wine and The Presents

    This year the Family have rented some chalets in Matakana Riverside Lodge. Its fabulous here.
    Perfect for our mob. Fun to wake up with the little children opening these presents.
    We arrived on Christmas Eve, there was time to put out the food for Santa and his Reindeer
     Next was the erection of the beautiful wigwam
     Santa made it thank Goodness, He ate some of his cookie, the reindeer had a nibble at the carrot.
    Santa, obviously had had too many beers...he was only able to down a few sips.
    The day started off well, Santa presents first
     Don't you love the delight on their faces
    Katie with a Larry David moment. Trying to open the packaging the new dolls are wrapped in. How do they do it?
    You need a Stanley Knife...but what does a Stanley Knife come in BUT a bloody bubble pack.
    Anyhow let's not ruin the day.
    The Grandfather in his happy place
    Over to see the other presents
    Ms Sophia got a new laptop from Santa and a stunning, elegant Santa Suit from her younger brother.
    He got assorted goodies plus a scooter from Santa
    The great thing about Santa's visit is there are loads of wonderful things to play with
    Even though he obviously left things off Ms Cleo's list which she found very annoying!!!
    Some preening by the live in hairdresser

    The plan was 9am Breakfast,
    11am Champagne, Oysters and Family presents
    Guests arrive at 1pm
    Lunch around 2pm
    First the boys had to play tennis
    Slight delay,
    The we had to heat the croissants, lay out the cheese and other bits and bobs
    Cook the bacon, Joseph set the table
    And before long, the starving throng were hovering around the table

    So time was slipping away and next thing we are having to postpone the elevenses, till twelveses
    Food to prepare, showers and dress ups to happen
    Action Girl!
    Whoops, corks were popping again and oysters laid out

    Hooray, Santa Jojo was preparing to hand out the Family presents.
     The usual carnage
     Cheers...Merry Christmas everyone
    Still got a whole day to go.


    Anonymous said...

    Looks like a great day, happy new year!

    Mary said...

    The joys of a Southern hemisphere Christmas! Looks wonderful Gilli, Best to you and yours for 2014.