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    Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    How to Peel Boiled Eggs - Good Hint for Cooking Steak

    Just to prove Auckland can turn on a good day.
    This is the view from our deck
    Auckland City there in the distance
    Turn around
    And again

    Only 5 kms from the city Motuihe Island. Haven't been here for a while but it is lovely.
    Lucky Us.

    Got a handy hint from Ed Baines, Celebrity Chef and judge on Britain's Best Dish.
    It can sometimes be a problem when peeling Boiled eggs. What a mess it turns out.
    Ed Baines came up with this. Peel your eggs under wtaer.
    Voila it works.

    Plus decades ago my friend's father Doug Peacock, gave me a hint how to cook stek.
    I did it for years then you try other methods BUT this is great and always works.
    For med-med rare
    First lightly oil the steak and season with freshly ground black
    HOT pan
    Add sea salt directly to the pan
    Add steak
    Cook about 3 minutes
    Do not touch
    The blood will start to rise
    Flip and cook another 2 minutes
    Rest about 5 minutes and serve
    Guaranteed perfect

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