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    Thursday, August 02, 2012

    Taste of Yellow - Jacqui's Lemon Squash

    In June, Barbara Harris finally lost her battle with Cancer .
    This month's Monthly Mingle is devoted to Barbara.
    For several years, Barbara set up a Blogging Event called a Taste of Yellow.
    It was to raise awareness for Cancer Research linking in with LiveStrong Day
    Bloggers were invited to submit recipes featuring yellow food.
    Always an interesting event.
    Jeanne from Cook Sister is hosting the Monthly Mingle this month
    What a great Tribute to Barbara
    My friend Jacqui was a very good friend of Barbara.
    A Virtual friend whats more...they had known one another for years.
    In fact, Jacqui introduced me to Barbara.
    Jacqui doesn't have her own blog yet, so I am submitting her entry through So Simple.
    I love the photo, it would do Barbara proud

    It's a simple Lemon Squash, refreshing and perfect for a Hot Summers Day

    Lemon Squash 
    9 drops lemon juice 
    3 tsp sugar syrup 
    Soda water

    To make the Sugar Syrup  
    1 cup sugar 
    1 cup water
    In a medium saucepan, combine sugar and water.

    Bring to a boil, stirring, until sugar has dissolved.
    Allow to cool
    This will keep for ages in the fridge

    Mix lemon juice with sugar syrup in a highball glass,
     stir well and fill up with soda water.
    Serve with drinking straw.
    Multiply quantity by number of guests.

    P.S.  I reckon a good slug of Vodka or Gin would be an added extra


    Jeanne said...

    A big thanks to Jackie for taking part in the Monthly Mingle despite not having a blog - and a big thanks to YOU for posting on her behalf! (and I agree on the slug of vodka ;o))

    Anonymous said...

    This is perfect for a hot summer's day, indeed!

    Tandy said...

    sounds perfectly easy to make, and enjoy :)