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    Sunday, November 04, 2012

    Rarotonga-Not So Much About the Food This Time-More About the Lifestyle

    Bliss Cottage has been, shall I say it “Blissful”
    Situated right on the beach, our friend Trish is living in Heaven

    And we are joining her everyday
    We’ve succumbed to the routine
    Wake up, hot lemon drink, a little breakfast, down to the beach, a little wine, some lunch
    A nap, pack up and off the Bliss Cottage, where we drink cocktails, 
    Champagne Anyone?

    swim in the worlds best swimming hole, Have dinner, home, round 8.30.
    Watch a little “ipad Taymac provided”, TV.
    And start again

    In the meantime we have fitted in a few other bibs and bobs.

     Unfortunately got stuck behind this old Gentleman. He is known as Papa Loius and apparently just drives around never going over 15 kms. Can't get passed him on the narrow roads
    Oh well we are not in a hurry

    Shopping, dining out 

    A Massage from our friend Vira. "His Office" just down on the beach
    and for me some cooking and blogging
    Gardening even

    The talking Books on the ipad, are perfect for the beach.
    Look out to the beautiful sea and listening to a gripping novel.
    Can’t get much better than that.
    Turn to the left
     Turn to the Right
     Look Straight ahead, this is our beach outside of The Cooks Oasis.

     And we will talk a little about the Food
    Have you ever seen Squid Rings look as good as this?
    Just served with a great crisp salad and local kumera
     La Chef
     The Best Pork Sausages with rice and a tasty little Tomato Sauce

    Some other good friends to while away the day

    You see what I mean about Paradise

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